Driveclub Director Paul Rustchynsky Teases New Title

Games veteran Paul Rustchynsky is sharing some good news heading into the new year. The developer has announced that his team at Avalanche Studios Group will finally be revealing the game they have been working on for the past year. While no further details on what the game will be are known, Rustchynsky did share that it will be unlike anything he has ever worked on before.

In a series of tweets posted on New Year’s Day, Rustchynsky shared that 2021 saw the achievement of one of his career goals: the opening of a new studio in Liverpool. He then shared that the studio would be announcing the title they have been hard at work on in 2022.

Naturally, many fans were hopeful that this new game would be a sequel or follow up to one of Rustchynsky’s popular racing games. However, he was eager to set some expectations on this game announcement, tweeting that “I’m not working on a racing game… so sorry, no Driveclub sequel, MotorStorm successor, or OnRush offshoot”. While we may not know what this brand new game will be, we do know that it won't be a racing game. After tweeting out the game announcement, Rustchynsky responded to some comments to further clarify that this new title will not be the already announced Contraband from Avalanche but “another new IP that’s yet to be announced”.

Rustchynsky has built quite the resume within the gaming industry. Having worked as a game designer for Evolution Studio’s PS3 racer Motorsport, Rustchynsky stayed with Evolution until it closed its doors in 2016. From there, the developer took on positions with other studios like Codemasters and Slightly Mad Studios before landing at Avalanche last year. Throughout his career, he developed a reputation for working on some of the best racing games like the previously mentioned MotorSport and Driveclub.

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