Dragon Age: Inquisition Guide To Recruiting All Agents In The Base Game

During a playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition, there will be many occasions where you can recruit agents to the Inquisition’s cause. Depending on whether they work for Cullen, Leliana, or Josephine, they will fall into one of three categories, Forces, Secrets, or Connections, respectively.

By adding an agent to one of the categories, the time that it takes for war table operations for that specific advisor to complete will be reduced by 5%. There are 21 agents in total in the base game, with many of them being completely missable and some will be unobtainable depending on the story choices you make.

Some are found out in the world, whereas others will appear linked to the main scenario quests. To ensure you don’t lose out on any of these characters, this guide will reveal where to recruit them.

Skyhold – Alexius

Periodically throughout the story, if you sit on the Inquisitor’s throne, you can choose to pass judgment on any prisoners that have been taken alive during the main plot.

After the In Hushed Whispers main quest (only if you made an alliance with the mages) and providing that he survived the events at Redcliffe, Alexius can be recruited as one of Leliana’s agents as long as he is sentenced to research magic for the Inquisition.

Skyhold — Servis

Servis is another enemy that you can pass judgment on after you have confronted him in the Western Approach. Servis can be sentenced to supply information to Leliana, making him an agent of hers.

There is the option to recruit Servis as a smuggler if you have The Underworld Knowledge Inquisition perk, however, doing it this way will not make him appear in the list of agents at the war table.

Skyhold — Florianne

In what is arguably the weirdest agent option out there, after the events at Halamshiral and providing that Florianne was killed, you can judge her remains. Oddly enough, her remains can be sentenced to community service and she will become an agent of Josephine.

If Florianne lived and the Nobility Knowledge Inquisition perk is acquired, she can also be recruited as an agent for Josephine. However, much like with Servis, recruiting her this way will not make her appear in the list of agents at the war table.

Skyhold — Movran the Under

Once you have completed Lost Souls in The Fallow Mire, you can sentence the Avvar Movran and his clan to exile in Tevinter. Alternatively, if Abernache survived the main quest Champions of the Just (if you allied with the templars), Movran can be conscripted to help Abernache instead. Either way, he becomes an agent for Cullen.

Hinterlands — Clemence

Once you have met Alexius in the Gull & Lantern in Redcliffe, you can speak to a tranquil mage that is in there by the name of Clemence. As a tranquil, Clemence can no longer perform magic and so Alexius does not want him with the other mages.

Clemence will offer to join the Inquisition and if accepted, he will become an agent for Cullen. However, if you complete the Champions of the Just quest prior to going to Redcliffe, Clemence cannot be recruited.

Hinterlands —  Corporal Vale (Vale’s Irregulars)

You will meet Corporal Vale at the Crossroads, where he will ask you to help out with various requests for the refugees, with there being six side quests in total that need to be completed. Once these tasks are finished, you can choose one of three options.

If Vale is asked to recruit refugees, this will give you +1 Power, while asking him to make the refugees work for the Inquisition will get you gold. However, if Vale is asked to grow the Inquisition’s reputation, Vale’s Irregulars will be gained as an agent for Cullen.

Hinterlands — Enchanter Ellendra

You can begin the My Lover’s Phylactery side quest by examining a dead templar that is in the Winterwatch Tower area. In doing so, a phylactery that belonged to the dead man’s lover, Ellendra, is found.

Ellendra can be found in the Crossroads, she is in a cave in the northernmost section of the camp. You can recruit her if you have Vivienne in your party, if you are a human mage Inquisitor, or if you have the Arcane Knowledge Inquisition perk. She will become an agent for Josephine.

Hinterlands — Horsemaster Dennet

Horsemaster Dennet can be found in Redcliffe Farms, and you will have been recommended to seek him out to gain mounts for the Inquisition. Before he will join the Inquisition, he asks you to fulfill any tasks that his wife and son have. There are two quests to complete: Trouble with Wolves and Farmland Security.

Once they are done, return to Dennet with Cassandra, Vivienne, or Dorian in your party, as they can convince him to join as an agent. Alternatively, the History Knowledge or Underworld Knowledge Inquisition perks allow you to convince Dennet yourself. If Dennet joins as an agent, he can be found at both Haven and Skyhold where he will be a merchant that sells various mounts.

Hinterlands — Lord Berand

There are two ways to go about this; interact with a corpse to the east of Dwarfson’s Pass, as doing so will have the Inquisitor find a letter. Alternatively, speak to Lord Berand inside the enclave at Dwarfson’s Pass. Either option will kickstart the Love Waits side quest.

With the letter, you can immediately tell Berand of his lover’s death. However, if you spoke to Berand first, you’ll need to go and find the letter before speaking to him again. He can be recruited afterward; if “Join the Inquisition” is selected, Berand will become an agent for Cullen; if “You failed her. Go home.” is picked, he will become an agent for Josephine.

Hinterlands — Ritts

The side quest Strange Bedfellows can be found just north of White Pass camp, where it is given by an Inquisition scout who is worried about a colleague of theirs. If you agree to search for the other scout, you will learn she has been having an affair with a mage.

To recruit Ritts to the Inquisition, you either need to be a dwarven Inquisitor, have Varric in your party, or have the Underworld Knowledge Inquisition perk. She will become an agent for Leliana.

Hinterlands — Speaker Anais

To recruit Speaker Anais, first complete the Praise the Herald of Andraste side quest, which can be started in Lornan’s Exile. Speaker Anais will approach you in front of the gates to the enclave and expresses her doubt that you can seal the rifts.

Of course, that means you have to prove her wrong. Once the rift at the back of the enclave is sealed, return to Speaker Anais to receive her support. There will be more than one option here; if you choose “spread word of an Inquisition,” Speaker Anais will become an agent for Josephine, but if “listen and gather information” is selected, she will become an agent for Leliana instead.

Hinterlands — Tanner

A note can be found on a corpse north of the Crossroads, just next to Old Fennick’s place, and it reveals that someone named Tanner is secretly working with the templars. Tanner is found in Redcliffe Village, she is a smuggler that is posing as a Chantry sister.

If you have either Cassandra or Varric in the party, they can convince Tanner to join the Inquisition. Alternatively, the Underworld Knowledge Inquisition perk permits you to convince her directly. Successfully recruiting Tanner will make her one of Leliana’s agents.

Val Royeaux — Belle

On your first visit to Val Royeaux, after speaking to the Clerics, you should head over to a merchant named Belle. She will offer to join the Inquisition, and accepting her will result in Belle becoming an agent for Josephine.

However, if you speak to Fiona before Belle, which triggers when you head for the gate, then Belle will disappear and she will not be recruitable. It’s wise to save as you enter Val Royeaux as a back up in case the Fiona scene is accidentally triggered.

The Fallow Mire — Sky Watcher

During your visit to the Fallow Mire, you will come across an Avvar by the name of Sky Watcher looking at a fade rift. Surprisingly, he isn’t hostile and will even discuss the rifts with you. It is crucial to speak with him before completing the Lost Souls quest, and you have to seal the rift that Sky Watcher is looking at too.

As long as those requirements are met, and once the Inquisition soldiers are rescued from the Avvar, then Sky Watcher will appear as you leave Hargreave Keep. Speak to him to recruit him as an agent for Josephine. However, if you ignore Sky Watcher and leave the area, you will never be able to recruit him.

The Storm Coast — Blades of Hessarian

This is a really easy one to miss. There is a side quest called Cleaning House that is handed out by Scout Harding. While following this quest through, you can find a note in one of the outposts that mentions an amulet called Mercy’s Crest. This can then be crafted at a camp.

With Mercy’s Crest equipped, you can finally go to the Blades of Hessarian stronghold and they will not attack you because of the amulet. Their leader will challenge you to a fight, so win that to become the new boss. Speak to one of the Blades afterward and they will explain they are happy to have you as their new leader and the Blades will become agents for Cullen.

If the amulet is not equipped when you go to the stronghold, all of the Blades will attack without giving you the chance to speak. It will not be possible to recruit them after this happens.

Crestwood — Jana

In Crestwood, you can find the Grey Wardens on the way to the Village of Crestwood. Jana, an elven girl who was previously saved by the Grey Wardens, is located in a nearby house. Alternatively, she can be found at the top of the stairs outside the mayor’s house if you have already spoken to the mayor.

Excited that the Grey Wardens saved her, Jana will express her desire to join their ranks. However, if Solas is in your party, he can convince Jana to join the Inquisition instead and she will become an agent for Leliana. You can also convince Jana yourself with the Nobility Knowledge Inquisition perk. However, if you enter the Flooded Caves as part of the Still Waters quest before speaking to Jana, she will no longer be available for recruitment.

The Western Approach — Frederic

This agent can be a little annoying to recruit, as he has a long series of side quests that have to be completed first, one of which involves killing a High Dragon. You can find Frederic at his campsite and speak to him. Alternatively, you can start his questline by recovering his research supplies from a wagon (as well as more from White Claw Raiders) or by recovering Frederic’s supplies from a dead man’s body.

After doing everything that Frederic has asked, including killing the Abyssal High Dragon, he will offer to join the Inquisition. Accepting Frederic’s offer will make him an agent for Leliana.

Exalted Plains — Loranil

To recruit Loranil to the Inquisition, you must first complete a series of tasks for the Dalish in their camp and earn enough favor with Keeper Hawen. Once this is done, Keeper Hawen will allow you to recruit Loranil, who then becomes an agent for Cullen.

Emerald Graves — Fairbanks

Defeating any of the Freemen leaders will kickstart the Victims of War side quest. Once you have defeated all four of the leaders, speak to Fairbanks in Watcher’s Reach. Depending on your choice, he can become an agent for Leliana or will go on to become a noble of Orlais. Choose wisely.

Emprise du Lion — Michel de Chevin

You can find Michel outside of the village and he will tell you about the demon Imshael, which will begin the Call Me Imshael side quest. Afterward, head to Suledin Keep and kill Imshael. Once that is done, head back to Michel and recruit him as an agent for Cullen.

However, if Imshael is found and killed before speaking to Michel, you will not be able to recruit him. Additionally, if you choose not to kill Imshael and instead take the demon’s deal, Michel will be killed.

Therinfal Redoubt — Barris

If you formed an alliance with the templars and ensured that Barris survived during the events of the Champions of the Just main quest, he will automatically be recruited after the envoy demon has been defeated. Barris will become an agent for Cullen.

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