Dragon Age Day Brings New Short Stories, Merch, Fanart Spotlight, And More

Dragon Age Day 2021 is underway, bringing with it community celebrations, new merch, and even a hint of what we can expect from the upcoming fourth game.

BioWare has unveiled all the ways it is marking the day, including a charity auction featuring series voice actors, and a surprise crossover with Apex Legends. There will also be a Dragon Age sale over on the BioWare Gear Store for a full week, making it a good time to fill that DA4-shaped hole in our lives with some merch.

"This day belongs to you, our awesome community. In that spirit we want to celebrate with you as fellow fans, while spotlighting your unique and imaginative contributions to a world we all love", reads the announcement. To celebrate the fanbase, BioWare will be showcasing artwork on its Twitter account all day.

Voice actors participating in the celebrations include Alistair's Steve Valentine, Dorian's Ramon Tikaram, and Solas' Gareth David-Lloyd. They will be offering autographs and video greetings in support of the charity Able Gamers.

But of course, most fans will be keeping an eye on socials for news on Dragon Age 4. Recent news about development hasn't been too promising, but two new short stories should at least keep fans going until we get that new trailer. The team wouldn't spill the beans on what these stories will be about, but they are expected to go live at some point today on the official Dragon Age Day webpage, so it's worth checking out.

There will also be new merch available via Dark Horse, Gaming Heads, and of course, the BioWare Gear Store. This includes a pretty damn pricy statue of Varric, setting you back $129.99. However, that might not even be the most expensive bit of merch marking the celebration. It doesn't look like Gaming Heads has revealed its new wave of Dragon Age stock just yet, but given the fact that its own offerings are priced at between $500 to $700, we can expect something even more extravagant from this store.

As for the Apex Legends crossover, EA Play members will be able to claim a Highland Ravager Weapon Charm. This offer started December 2, and runs all the way until January 4.

Barring any surprise announcements, Dragon Age 4 currently has no release date. However, recent reports have it aiming for a 2023 launch.

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