Dr Disrespect Might Be A Secret Animal Crossing Fan

Dr Disrespect might be playing Animal Crossing in his off-hours.

There’s no denying that Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a big freakin’ deal. It’s the best-selling game out there and the perfect way to spend your days in quarantine.

It may also be how Dr Disrespect spends his hours when he’s not streaming Call of Duty or PUBG. A recent stream showed what appeared to be a very Two-Time-looking Avatar wearing the Doctor’s signature red vest.

During a stream a few days ago, Doc turned to the chat and asked what game he should play. Someone suggested Animal Crossing, to which the Doctor replied that he wasn’t really into that sort of thing. Only then did an image appear on his display that made it certainly appear like Doc was actually very into that sort of thing.

The headphones, the mustache (or the Ethiopian caterpillar, as Doc likes to call it), and the sunglasses are all very well done, while the red vest and black jumpsuit are definitely custom designs.

Dr Disrespect eventually settled on Quad Challenges in Warzone, but the real question is whether or not that avatar is real or just a fan creation.

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