Does Ooblets Need A Halloween Update? Doesn’t Matter, It’s Getting One

The curse of early access is often an indie game like Ooblets will make a big splash on release but then fade a bit as updates come so fast and furious that they’re either hard to keep up with or they’re just bug fixes and patches. That’s the case with Ooblets, which got a successful start in the middle of July and has since then rolled out about 25 patches to get the game into a solid and stable state.

But now that Halloween is around the corner, Ooblets is planning its first major content update. Update 0.4 will be known as the “Nullwhere Update”, and it will add a brand new Halloween-themed region called Nullwhere.

From the images posted to social media, Nullwhere definitely looks like a spooky place. There’s hanging lanterns, tendril-like plants, fog, and some scary Ooblets running around.

Glanter appears to be the most common Ooblet in Nullwhere, a species that was only previously acquirable from Dance Barn Tournaments, but now you can capture them in their native environment. You’ll also be able to nurture them in uncommon and Gleamy varieties now too, along with new custom movesets.

There also appears to be some new characters, although they look an awful lot like existing characters such as Mayor Tinstle and Videon. Maybe Nullwhere is a sort of alternate dimension of an existing reality?

Nullwhere will also bring new crops and recipes to go along with the new Ooblets, with developer Glumberland outlining their tentative plans on the game’s roadmap page. “We might put some new clothes in here as well, but might also push that to October as part of a Halloween event,” Glumberland adds.

As for Halloween itself, they’re hoping to hold a small event such as a scavenger hunt, but Glumberland makes no promises here. A big content push like Nullwhere might turn out to be more work than it seems.

The official Ooblets Twitter account confirmed that they’re on track to release Nullwhere later this month, so stay tuned.

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