Division 2 Additional Content To Be Released Later This Year

Ubisoft has confirmed that The Division 2 will see additional content launches in 2021. Title Update 12 was slated to be the last major update for the game, but due to its continued popularity, the team has decided to continue working on updates.

“Today, we are thrilled to confirm that there will be additional content for The Division 2 released later this year,” reads the announcement from Ubisoft. “It is your continuous passion and support which enables us to continue to build upon The Division 2 experience, and we cannot thank you enough for that.”

While the team is hard at work on new content, they’re not ready to reveal any of the specifics. The announcement goes on to say that they’ll share more as soon as possible.

The Division 2 is getting new content in 2021, but it’s also getting several bug fixes and quality of life improvements. “An investigation into the crashes affecting many of you is ongoing with the highest priority, and we are also close to finding a fix for the missing volumetric fog and screen space reflections on PlayStation 5,” Ubisoft said. Again, there’s no timeline for the patch, but it’s great to see The Division 2 getting the attention it deserves.

If you’re keen to jump into The Division 2, now is a great time as it’s currently running a crossover event with Resident Evil. The servers were hit with a few issues during the first few days of the event on February 2, but things are back to normal as it comes to a close on February 15. Much of the promotional gear is locked behind a paywall, but you can nab the Leon Kennedy RPD set for free just by logging in.

The Division 2 may not have set the world on fire in a way other live service games did, but it still has a dedicated following of players. Stayed tuned in the coming months when The Division 2 announces plans for the rest of 2021.

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