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At its most basic level, Dislyte is a turn-based squad combat game. However, you'll soon realise that while leveling up your espers is important, they’re nothing without powerful relics. You can use these items of equipment to bolster the stats that each of your espers needs most, which can turn the tide of a battle.

Below, we’ll talk through how relics work, to help you build the best possible squad with the resources you have available. We’ll go through builds, slots, attributes, quality, and leveling, as well as how to acquire the best relics in the game.

Best Relic Quality And Level

Despite their different shapes and slots, all relics work in the same way and each has a relic quality and relic level. These attributes, which cannot be changed, affect how many attributes the relic will have – and also how much it will cost to level them up. At the basic level, a six-star flawless relic is the best relic you can get.

Relic levels start at two-star and go up to six-star. This is represented by both background colour (green worst, red best) and the number of gems shown on the relic. Unless you are struggling to complete a story level, it is rarely a good idea to improve the quality of a two or three-star relic. You may well have four-star relics for quite a few levels, but even these will be surpassed by fives and sixes by the time you reach levels 30-40.

Relic quality is variable within each level. Each relic has a main attribute and up to four secondary attributes. The relic quality dictates how quickly you get secondary attributes and how high the bonuses can go. So, a ‘Good’ relic will start with just one secondary attribute alongside its main attribute. While an ‘Elite’ relic will have two, a ‘Superior’ three, and a top-quality ‘Flawless’ will start with all five of its attributes.

What Relics Are Best For Each Esper?

Which relics you decide to equip to each esper is of course up to you. You should do what you want to match your play style or the kind of squad you’re building.

Whichever route you choose, it’s important to remember that you get a set bonus for equipping the same type of relics in all Mui or Una slots. This varies depending on the relic type but is always significant and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Best DPS Relics

These are the true damage dealers of your squad, so you’re looking for relics that bring the pain.

Relic #1Relic #2Notes
War MachineFiery Incandescence‘War Machine’ gives ATK up, while ‘Fiery Incandescence’ ups your chance of landing a critical hit (C RATE) – a great one-two punch for a DPS.
Hammer of ThorFiery IncandescenceOr, if you want to concentrate on crits, you could replace War Machine with ‘Hammer of Thor’, which increases critical hit damage (C DMG).
War MachineSword AvataraConversely, if you’re not worried about crits, ‘Sword Avatara’ is a nice option to pair with War Machine in longer battles – giving a 20 percent chance to counterattack.

Best Healer Relics

Someone has to keep the DPS guys alive, so you’ll always want a healer in your squad – or maybe two.

Relic #1Relic #2Notes
Abiding PanaceaAdamantineIf you take one healer, a common relic combo is ‘Abiding Panacea’ (adds 30% healing efficacy) with ‘Adamantine’ (gives entire squad a 15% of their HP shield for the first two rounds).

The first increases the strength of the esper’s heals, while the second shields the whole squad during the first two rounds – when the biggest bombs are likely to go off.

You may also want to consider ‘Master Grove’ (HP up) and ‘Stoneveins’ (DEF up), as your healers are no use to you dead.

Support Relics And Specialist Espers

One thing you certainly can’t overlook in Dislyte is speed. Especially later in the game, and in PvP, landing the first blows – or buffing/debuffing before they land – can decide the battle. For this reason, ‘Wind Walker’ (SPD up) is always a good option for support espers.

Other espers' best relics will be suited to their style. Here are some to consider:

Ocean WavesGives a 35% chance to decrease ability cooldowns; great for espers who have overpowered but slow special abilities.
Apollo’s BowIncreases accuracy by 25%, which really helps debuffers who need their special abilities to land on as many enemies as possible.
Tyranny of ZeusHas a 20% chance to stun enemies for a turn; a fantastic option for espers that attack all enemies on most of their turns.

How To Enhance A Relic

No matter the quality or level, every relic can be ‘Enhanced’. Enhancement always improves the main attribute and may randomly increase secondary attributes of the relic. Every relic can be enhanced 15 times and even a ‘good’ relic, enhanced completely, will have four secondary attributes. But those with higher qualities and levels will have much higher total bonuses.

Because of this, each level of enhancement costs more gold depending on those factors. Each enhancement also has a chance of failure, but if you fail a few times the next attempt has a higher chance of success. To enhance a relic, simply click on the relic then click the ‘enhance’ tab. If you then choose ‘auto enhance’ you can pick a level (3, 6, 9,12, or 15) and Dislyte will keep spending your gold until you reach the level you wanted.

Early on, enhancing is the best way to compete. However, over time, enhancing ‘good’ and even ‘elite’ relics is a false economy. Because while you’ll see a solid jump in stats for your espers, you’ll eventually want to equip all of your squads with level six flawless relics. That said, if a four-star relic has exactly the stats you want for an esper, you may have to wait a while to be lucky enough to replace it with a five or six. So, spend your gold on enhancement advisedly.

All Relic Sets

There are 18 relic types in Dislyte, each offering a different set bonus if you equip all four Una slots, or both Mui slots, with the same relic type. Note that the set bonus is the same regardless of the quality and level of relics used – they just need to be a complete set.

Una (four) relic set bonuses

Abiding PanaceaHealing Efficacy +30%
Astral Witchcraft+50 SPD to allied espers with 1+ disables
Hades+35% Lifesteal
Hammer of ThorC DMG +40%
Ocean Waves35% chance to reduce all ability cooldowns by 1 at start of each turn
Snow Dowager20% chance of Freezing target for one turn when taking damage
Tyranny of ZeusDamage dealt has 20% chance to STUN for one turn
War MachineATK +30%
Wind WalkerSPD +25%

Mui (two) relic set bonuses

AdamantineAll allies start with a Shield equal to 15% of max HP. Lasts two turns
Apollo’s BowACC +25%
Immensus PeakRESIST +25%
Fiery IncandescenceC RATE +20%
Master GroveHP +25%
StoneveinsDEF +25%
Sword Avatara25% chance to Counterattack when taking damage
The Enchantment30% chance to extend Poison inflicted by one turn
The Light AboveBegin battle with Immunity. Lasts one turn

How To Get The Best Relics

There are lots of ways to pick up top-level relics in Dislyte, but these give you the most control:

  • Relic fusion: Head into the War Room and click ‘Relic Fusion’. Here you can spend the ‘dust’ you collect from excursions into the Cube Miracle. The higher you go in the Cube, the better the quality of dust you’ll find – allowing you to create level 4-6 relics accordingly. You get to choose the type of relic (War Machine, Abiding Panacea, etc), but the stats and slot are randomised.
  • Ritual Miracle: This is where you go to farm relics. The higher the level you’ve cleared, the higher you can send your espers on auto ‘multi-battle’ runs, where you can farm great relics while doing something else.
  • Shops: There are five currencies you can spend in Dislyte, and each currency has its own store. You will find relics in four of them, varying from level three right up to six. Stores refresh their content regularly, so make sure to keep popping back to check stock.

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