Different War Thunder Player Leaks Military Documents On Same Forum

Last year, classified military documents were leaked on War Thunder forums twice. But it didn't end with 2021 as a different person has leaked more classified documents on the same forum, making it a hotbed for accidental whistleblowing.

In July 2021, players were arguing about Britain's Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank, saying the in-game depiction was inaccurate, so one player replied with the tank's manual which alerted the UK's Ministry of Defence as the documents were classified. Essentially, sharing them is illegal, but to try and settle a War Thunder argument, someone broke the law and got themselves in trouble—was it worth it? Probably not.

Three months later, another argument about another tank sparked another sharing of another classified manual. And, as reported by Kotaku, it's happened again—this time, a player shared armament schematics for a Chinese tank to try and get the developers to change in-game stats. Again, there was no serious whistleblowing or attempt to leak military documents, just careless sharing of classified information on a game's forum.

As you can expect, the post was removed, but that didn't stop savvy internet users from taking screenshots and passing them along on social media, sharing them on Twitter and Reddit. But Gaijin stepped in, banning the player as well as deleting the post, all in a bid to get on top of another leak.

"Our community managers immediately banned the user and deleted his post, as the information on this particular shell is still classified in China," Gaijin told Kotaku. "Publishing classified information on any vehicle of any nation at War Thunder forums is clearly prohibited, and the game developers never use it in their work.

"While we understand that our players want the game to be as realistic as possible, we're kindly asking them not to do anything illegal and jeopardise their safety, as well as safety of our community team members. The developers of War Thunder do their best to research information on vehicles using legally available tools, and scandals like this are clearly not useful for our efforts."

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