Destiny 2’s Guardians Finally Extract Savathun’s Worm Today

Season of the Lost is easily Destiny 2’s longest season. For the past six months, Guardians have been helpfully collecting Queen Mara Sov’s lost Techeuns, fixing the Dreaming City’s leylines, and building a massive bridge all with the intent of finally excising the worm that resides in Savathun, the Witch Queen. Today, we’ll finally get to rip that worm from her body and kill Savathun.

Briefly. As we’re all abundantly aware, Savathun returns in The Witch Queen expansion next week infused with the same Light-based powers as Destiny 2’s Guardians. The mystery players solve in the expansion is just how she managed to pull off this greatest of all heists.

But back to yeeting Savathun’s worm. Players will be directed to head to the Spire of Exorcism to defend Mara Sov as she performs the final ritual. You’ll have to beat back waves of Xivu Arath’s forces as she tries to claim Savathun before her worm can be extracted. The mission isn’t all that hard, and completing it actives a short quest chain that ties together the season with the plot of Witch Queen.

If all this sounds a little confusing, that's fair. It's been a long season and there's a lot of narrative ground to cover. You can get a refresher in Bungie's interactive trailer seen here, and you can get most of what you'll need for the coming expansion and Season of the Risen from this trailer here.

The Witch Queen is bringing a ton of new content to Destiny 2, including new weapon crafting and the new Glaive weapons, brand-new Exotics, and the long-awaited Void 3.0 revamp which brings Aspects and Fragments to the Void subclasses. Expect all this and more when Witch Queen arrives on February 22.

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