Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time

If you’re not a dedicated Destiny 2, or other games-as-a-service, player then you might be at a loss as to when or why you can access certain events and activities in the game. Destiny 2 runs on a weekly reset system, which we will break down in easy to grasp terms.

Despite Bungie wanting you to play Destiny 2 basically forever, they do have to limit how quickly you can actually grind out all the activities and events to keep players from getting everything in the first few days. The simple solution they have implemented for this is the weekly reset, which makes sure you have a nice, consistent flow of content to hold you over between new updates and expansions. If you’re curious just what is and isn’t impacted by this reset system, or when it occurs, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time

The weekly reset in Destiny 2 is the time at which all the weekly activities and events are reset so you can run through them again for another chance at rewards, or something entirely new is cycled in. This reset happens every Tuesday at 17:00 UTC which translates to: 10AM PDT, 12PM CST, 1PM EST, 6PM BST, and 1AM AWST.

Here are all the changes and resets that occur during that time.


  • All weekly loot drop lockouts are released: raids, Prison of Elders, Weekly Heroic Strikes, Weekly Crucible Playlist, and Weekly Nightfall Strikes can now deliver another round of rewards.
  • The weekly Crucible playlist is changed.
  • The Weekly Nightfall Strike is changed.
  • Level 32 and 34 Prison of Elders challenges are changed, as are the modifiers applied to the final round of Skolas’s Revenge.
  • The boss sequence of the Challenge of the Elders is changed. The Elders’ Sigil expires and must be repurchased.
  • Raid checkpoints are deleted.
  • The challenges in King’s Fall and Wrath of the Machine are changed.
  • The boss summoned by an Antiquated Rune is changed.
  • The Weekly Featured Raid is changed.


  • The Trials of Osiris playlist and The Lighthouse become unavailable.
  • Iron Banner becomes unavailable if it had been available in the previous week.


  • New sets of bounties become available from Lord Shaxx and Arcite 99-40.
  • The planetary resources accepted by faction leaders are changed.
  • Variks refreshes his inventory, posts three new bounties, and delivers a Judgment’s Grant package to any Guardian at rank 2 or above in the House of Judgment faction.
  • Petra Venj lists a new selection of Queen’s Wrath bounties, and becomes able to deliver another guaranteed Treasure Key.

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