Destiny 2: Top 15 Grenade Launchers, Ranked

Destiny 2 introduced a few new weapons types into the Destiny sandbox. These included Submachine Guns, Linear Fusion Rifles, Trace Rifles, and Grenade Launchers.

Grenade Launchers in particular have seen significant changes since the game’s inception. Originally, the weapon category dealt little damage and brought little utility to justify using over Rocket Launchers. Since multiple expansions and updates have gone by, Grenade Launchers now dominate the heavy slot as best-in-slot weapons for players to use. While there are a good variety of Grenade Launchers to choose from, some are much better than others. Here are the 15 best Grenade Launchers you should be using in Destiny 2.

Updated December 25th, 2020 by Charles Burgar: Grenade Launchers have been left to the side ever since Shadowkeep removed auto-reloading mechanics from Destiny 2. With Season of the Worthy’s buff to Swords, these weapons have fallen into obscurity. That’s a shame considering how powerful most of these weapons still are. Even with the impact sunsetting has had on this archetype, there are still plenty of excellent Grenade Launchers that are worth your time. On top of updating our previous entries, we have added five more entries that you should keep your eyes on.

15 Love and Death

Note that this weapon is currently sunset.

Very few thought that a Grenade Launcher could beat Swarm of the Raven before Shadowkeep released. It didn’t seem possible, as Swarm’s damage with Tractor Cannon and Well of Radiance was extraordinary.

That all changed with Shadowkeep, both because of the massive sandbox changes made and the addition of new Moon weapons. One of these Moon weapons you can farm is Love and Death. The unique trait that separates it from the rest is the ability to roll Spike Grenades and Full Court at the same time, allowing this Grenade Launcher to out damage most weapons in its archetype. Unfortunately, this weapon is currently sunset. In the content it is still usable in, Love and Death is still an absolute monster for burst DPS.

14 Swarm of the Raven

Before Shadowkeep reworked the weapon sandbox as a whole, Swarm of the Raven dominated most player’s heavy weapon slot because of how much damage it dealt.

Since multiple nerfs have occurred, Swarm isn’t nearly as powerful as it used to be. That is mainly because of buff and debuff changes, however, and not with the weapon itself. Swarm still deals a large amount of damage per shot thanks to Spike Grenades, but it lacks perks like Full Court that more recent Grenade Launchers can acquire. Even so, there are few enemies in Destiny 2 that can survive a direct shot from this Iron Banner Heavy weapon.

13 Wendigo GL3

Note that this weapon is currently sunset.

Before Season of Dawn introduced Taking Charge, there was no other way to grab Orbs of Power while your Super was charged besides using Wendigo GL3.

Wendigo was far more than a simple Orb-vacuum. This Grenade Launcher gains stacks of Explosive Light for every Orb that you obtain, stacking up to six times. Every shot that is buffed deals an incredible amount of damage, capable of killing most strike bosses in a single magazine with a buff and debuff active. Despite its absurd strength, this weapon is currently sunset and only usable in strikes and patrol content.

12 The Militia’s Birthright

Note that this weapon is currently sunset.

While The Mountaintop Grenade Launcher beats The Militia’s Birthright in terms of damage and ease-of-use, this Grenade Launcher can roll with perks to suit any game mode or playstyle.

When Lake of Shadows becomes the Nightfall for the week, you can choose to farm that mission to earn this special Grenade Launcher. This Grenade Launcher can roll both damage perks like Spike Grenades as well as more utility-focused perks like Auto-Loading Holdster. If you do own Mountaintop, farming a Miltia’s Birthright with Blinding Grenades alongside Auto-Loading Holdster and Quickdraw can be a nasty opener for PvP engagements. Just don’t bring this Kinetic Grenade Launcher into PvE or pinnacle PvP content as it’s currently sunset.

11 The Prospector

Fully-automatic Grenade Launchers aren’t very common in most video games. The Prospector Exotic Grenade Launcher does just that, making it stand out from every other Grenade Launcher right off the bat.

Grenades fired from this weapon detonate for a massive amount of damage, further amplified by the burning damage over time effect that gets applied after each explosion. While auto-reloading rifts and barricades have been removed from the game, Prospector is still a great burst DPS option for any type of PvE content. Just remember to keep an eye on your ammo since this weapon fires in full-auto.

10 Salvation’s Grip

Salvation’s Grip is less of a DPS weapon and more of a utility gun meant to enable certain build synergies. This Exotic Heavy Grenade Launcher creates Stasis crystals instead of grenades, allowing you to create platforms to stand on or pillars to detonate for massive AoE damage.

This weapon pairs best with Stasis Fragments that augment your Stasis crystals such as Whisper of Fissures and Shards. You can also freeze targets with these Stasis crystals to activate Whisper of Hedrons. With the right build, Salvation’s Grip is a fantastic weapon. It just comes at such a high opportunity cost that most players will likely ignore this weapon.

9 Fighting Lion

Fighting Lion was notoriously bad when Destiny 2 first released. This Grenade Launcher could barely kill anything in PvE or PvP.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Fighting Lion, when used properly, can be a great workhorse weapon in PvE or a downright monster in Crucible. This weapon’s grenades can be manually detonated mid-air by releasing the trigger, which can result in skilled players killing enemies out of their sightline. Better yet, rapid kills against enemies damaged from the blast auto-reload the weapon to allow the chaos to continue. Even though it takes an Exotic slot, it’s worth it if you can wield this unique Grenade Launcher properly.

8 Berenger’s Memory

The closest replacement to Love and Death is Berenger’s Memory, a Rapid-Fire Frame Grenade Launcher that is designed to deal a massive amount of damage over a short period.

Berenger’s Memory might not be able to roll with Full Court unlike other Grenade Launchers, but this weapon can roll with both Pulse Monitor and Auto-Loading Holster. Pulse Monitor is an underrated perk that will reload your Grenade Launcher if your shields break. Since most fireteams use a Well of Radiance Super while damaging a boss, you can safely fire a grenade at your feet to auto-reload your weapon and fire a fresh set of grenades. Auto-Loading Holster can roll in the second slot if you frequently swap weapons. If used properly, this weapon is fantastic for damaging a boss over a long duration.

7 Martyr’s Retribution

With the introduction of the Sundial activity in Season of Dawn, Bungie introduced some absurdly strong weapons into the sandbox—the most notable of which being Martyr’s Retribution.

Martyr’s Retribution is a beautiful Grenade Launcher that effectively shoots out Thermite grenades on impact. It can roll with Demolitionist or Lead from Gold, resulting in this Grenade Launcher being a great choice for any PvE activity. Just note that this weapon is one season away from being sunset.

6 The Mountaintop

Note that this weapon is currently sunset.

Considered by many as the best special Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2, The Mountaintop is a Pinnacle Grenade Launcher that is locked behind the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower.

The Mountaintop comes with an absurdly high velocity rating to make its grenades travel at the pace of a rocket. Its unique perk turns the grenade into a pseudo-rocket as well, instantly killing guardians in PvP with a direct hit. It takes time to learn, but masters of this gun can turn entire PvP matches around while using it in PvE to kill hordes of enemies. Despite its sunset state and nerfs in Beyond Light, the Mountaintop still remains the king of non-pinnacle Grenade Launchers.

5 Crowd Pleaser

Acquired through Gambit matches, Crowd Pleaser is a surprisingly strong PvE Heavy Grenade Launcher that shares some similarities with Loaded Question.

Chain Reaction is the star of the show here, causing enemies slain by Crowd Pleaser to explode in a large AoE. The explosion damage and radius is on-par with Loaded Question, meaning a single grenade can clear a room full of enemies in PvE if they’re spaced out enough. You can pair this perk with Clown Cartridge, Field Prep, or even Killing Wind to get even more benefits out of this weapon. For PvE, Crowd Pleaser is fantastic. For PvP, you’re better off using another Heavy weapon.

4 Deafening Whisper

Season of the Hunt’s Deafening Whisper is a Wave-Frame Grenade Launcher that is a spiritual successor to Martyr’s Retribution. It works almost identical to that weapon except it deals Void damage, allowing it to activate the Abyssal Extractors perk on Nezarec’s Sin.

Perks on this weapon are fantastic, allowing for both Ambitious Assassin and Wellspring to roll on this gun. Having two shots in every magazine that each provide ability energy is a sight to behold. For PvE add-clearing, there are very few weapons that can match this weapon.

3 Truthteller

If Deafening Whisper is the definitive Special Grenade Launcher for PvE, Truthteller is the definitive Special Grenade Launcher for PvP.

Disruption Break is by far the strongest perk on Truthteller, causing enemies to take 50% increased damage from Kinetic weapons for five seconds after their shields are broken. This affects Guardians in PvP after their shields break, allowing Hand Cannons to easily one-tap Guardians. Pair Disruption Break for Auto-Loading Holster to guarantee victory in 1v1 gunfights.

2 Witherhoard

Witherhoard is a Special alternative to Anarchy. This Grenade Launcher shoots blights that deal damage over time to any enemy that stands in the blight. If you hit a target with Witherhoard, the blight will stick to them and deal constant damage over time.

Area denial and passive DPS are the two major strengths of Witherhoard. Every weapon setup in PvE can benefit from a Witherhoard granting passive damage over time. Every Crucible player can also benefit from a ground degen that can block entryways or critical locations. This weapon has everything you’d want from an Exotic.

1 Anarchy

Anarchy is less of a Grenade Launcher and more of a tesla coil launcher. This Exotic heavy weapon can be obtained from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower and requires Spoils of Conquest to obtain.

Anarchy does very little damage on its own and relies on your special weapon to churn out DPS. Luckily, the grenades fired from Anarchy apply an electric damage over time effect for near ten seconds, giving you ample time to swap weapons and damage the enemy. When Anarchy is combined with a Sniper Rifle or Shotgun, the damage you can do outclasses most Heavy weapons in the game.

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