Destiny 2: Small Rice Cakes – How Do You Obtain Them And What Are They For?

Nearly every planet in Destiny 2 is packed with secrets to discover. Besides Lost Sectors and hidden High-Value Targets that dot each patrol space, there are certain locations that have sets of collectible items for players to find.

Shadowkeep’s Moon setting has its own secrets to uncover, one of which being Small Rice Cakes. These small treats are given to players by completing activities on the planet, but what exactly are they used for? Just like the Dreaming City, this item leads to a long collectible hunt. Here is a complete guide to Small Rice Cakes and the Moon’s Daito Rabbit statues in Destiny 2.

What Are Small Rice Cakes?

Small Rice Cakes are consumable items that are required to interact with Daito Rabbit statues scattered throughout Lua. There are nine in total to collect. Unlike the Dreaming City’s Small Gifts, Small Rice Cakes can be obtained more than once per week. Collecting all nine statues grants the Lunar Gloom Shader and completes one of the ten Triumphs needed to obtain the Harbinger title. Keep in mind that Daito Rabbits are character-bound and not account-wide.

Where Do You Find Small Rice Cakes?

These little treats can be found by completing virtually any activity on the Moon. Lost Sectors, public events, chests scattered throughout the planet, Nightmare Hunts, and even the Garden of Salvation raid drop Small Rice Cakes when completed or interacted with. Remember that you can only obtain one per character per week. Three can be obtained if you complete an activity on each of your three characters, allowing you to obtain all nine statues in as little as three weeks. Simply put, complete activities on the Moon to receive Small Rice Cakes.

Where To Find Every Daito Rabbit

There are nine rabbits in total on the Moon: two in Archer’s Line, four in the Hellmouth, one in the Anchor of Light, and the final two are in Sorrow’s Harbor. We will go over where to find each of them. Note that if an entry denotes a direction (north, west, etc), it is with respect to the map. North is the top part of your map, west is the left-hand part of the map, et cetera.

Before you decide to hunt down the Daito Rabbits, you should talk to Eris Morn and pick up her weekly Lunar Spelunker bounty. Completing it will unlock the Firewall Data Fragment for the K1 Revelation Lost Sector. We will need this for one of the rabbits. Other than that, here is where you can find all nine Diato Rabbits.

Daito Rabbit #1: Archer’s Line

The first statue can be found in the eastern part of Archer’s Line. Entering the zone from Sanctuary, turn right on the second fork in the road and travel to the dome-shaped building straight ahead. Walk inside and look for the side room on the right wall. Inside will be a Daito Rabbit standing in the top right corner of the room, hiding behind a box.

Daito Rabbit #2: K1 Logistics Lost Sector

While you’re at Archer’s Line, make your way to the K1 Logistics Lost Sector and clear it out. When you reach the final boss arena, kill all of the enemies and loot the Lost Sector chest. Directly behind the Lost Sector chest is a door that leads to a cluttered room. Head inside and look to the right of the room to find a Daito Rabbit accompanied by a holographic Dreaming City cat. Grab the rabbit to see both it and the hologram disappear.

Daito Rabbit #3: Hellmouth

Just south of the Hellmouth is a green fissure that starts next to a ramp. From the bottom of the ramp, head directly left and follow the small ledge to find a Daito Rabbit resetting on a chair beside a Fallen container and purple tarp.

If you do not have a Firewall Data Fragment, complete the K1 Crew Quarters Lost Sector while you’re here. This will contribute towards the Lunar Spelunker bounty you grabbed from Eris.

Daito Rabbit #4: Circle Of Bones (Hellmouth)

The next three statues are inside of the Hellmouth. Travel to the northeast part of the structure and make your way inside. After traversing the first corridor in The Gatehouse, take the right entryway in the next room and walk through the small cave and combat arena after it. Follow the path in the large cavern to reach the Circle of Bones.

From the entrance of the Circle of Bones, jump down the raised platform and make a sharp right. Walk a few meters ahead then turn right once again. You should see a Daito Statue lurking in a corner under the balcony, directly across from a doorway. Its beady, purple eyes should give away its position.

Daito Rabbit #5: Chamber of Night (Hellmouth)

After you have the fourth Daito Rabbit, continue down the right-most fork in the Circle of Bones to reach the Chamber of Night. Progress through the zone as if you were completing the Dominus Ghaul Nightmare Hunt. When you reach Ghaul’s arena—a spacious room littered with rocks—jump on top of the tallest rock in the room to find a Daito Rabbit.

Daito Rabbit #6: Shrine of Oryx (Hellmouth)

Head back to the entrance of the Circle of Bones, the same entrance you visit in Daito Rabbit #4. Instead of heading right towards the Chamber of Night, head left instead. On the balcony should be a cave entrance near the end of the path.

Run through the narrow path to enter the Hall of Wisdom. Rush past the first pack of Hive and take a right when you reach the center of the area. Continue down the tunnel until you reach the first open space in the Shrine of Oryx. A Daito Statue is slightly to your left, standing on the lip of a circular floor.

Daito Rabbit #7: Anchor Of Light

Thankfully, the rest of the Daito Rabbits are easy to find; travel to the Anchor of Light and head to the tallest building in the northwest quadrant of the zone. Climb up to the very top of the satellite tower to find a Daito Statue staring at a Fallen terminal.

If you do not have a Firewall Data Fragment, complete the K1 Communion Lost Sector while you’re here. This will contribute towards the Lunar Spelunker bounty you grabbed earlier. Finishing this Lost Sector should complete the bounty and give you the fragment.

Daito Rabbit #8: Sorrow’s Harbor

Sorrow’s Harbor has the last two Daito Rabbits. From the fast travel point, head to the Hive bridge that leads to the Scarlet Keep. Head to the central plate on the bridge (not the Altars of Sorrow boss spawn, the one south of it) and turn 90 degrees to your left. You should notice a red cube that has two grey Hive pillars leaning on it. Walk up to these pillars to find a Daito Rabbit hiding between them.

Daito Rabbit #9: K1 Revelation Lost Sector

This is where that Firewall Data Fragment will come in handy. Travel to the K1 Revelation Lost Sector in Sorrow’s Harbor and clear it out as usual. When you defeat the final boss, enter the path on the right of the room and walk up to the door. With a Firewall Data Fragment in your inventory, interact with the door to open it up. A Daito Rabbit will be sitting in a chair in the corner of the newly opened room. A Stasis crystal denotes its location as seen above.

How To Claim The Lunar Gloom Shader

Once all nine rabbits have been claimed, travel back to Sanctuary and drop straight down from the landing pad you spawn out. Enter the doorway to find a room filled with Daito Rabbits staring at the entrance. Walk up to the statue laying on the ground and interact with it to place it on its pedestal, completing the hidden quest and granting the Lunar Gloom Shader. The final “tenth” rabbit does not require a Small Rice Cake.

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