Destiny 2 Plans To Remove Gunsmith Materials And Change Blue Drops

The coming of the Witch Queen will mark significant changes to Destiny 2. Orbs of power will no longer come from masterwork weapons and will instead be generated only if the player is wearing a new armor mod. So will the seasonal artifact change to allow Guardians to unlock all 25 mods.

Now we’re getting hints of even more coming changes to blue Engrams, Gunsmith Materials, and Guardian power levels.

Senior community manager dmg04 recently tweeted a list of topics that will appear in Thursday’s update. Topics included “changes to blue drops,” “power floor & raid launch date,” as well as “Gunsmith updates,” with that last one heavily implying that Gunsmith materials will be deprecated started in Season 16.

Guardians have long been complaining of the useless nature of Blue Engrams. The term “blueberry” has come to describe a new player who has yet to find Legendary gear to adorn their character and is forced to use blue-colored gear, but even after an hour of play most new characters will find several purple drops to replace them.

For veteran players, however, blue engrams serve absolutely no purpose. In fact, they’re most often seen as an annoyance, requiring Guardians to constantly clean their inventories lest they run out of space for more desirable items.

From the tweet, it seems that blue Engrams won’t be eliminated entirely, but something else will arrive in Witch Queen that makes inventory management far simpler. It will likely be tied to the deprecation of Gunsmith Materials, which are only used to cash in for more Legendary Engrams.

The Power floor is another hot button topic. Currently, Guardian power levels cap at 1,330, but the number itself has no need to be so large. This could be hinting at a power reset where power levels restart at 0.

We’ll find out more when Bungie posts its update on Thursday.

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