Destiny 2: How To Complete Every Ascendant Challenge

The Dreaming City is one of the most feature-rich destinations in Destiny 2. A three-week cycle controls this destination’s secret chests, Blind Well enemies, and current Ascendant Challenge.

Ascendant Challenges are particularly unique because there are six challenges in total. Completing these challenges can grant random Dreaming City gear and the Starlight Shell, a Ghost Shell needed for the Cursebreaker title. Whether you’re chasing loot or titles, these challenges are worth experiencing for yourself. Let’s go over what you’ll need to attempt these challenges, where all six are located, and how to complete every Ascendant Challenge present on the Dreaming City.

Ascendant Challenge Prerequisites

Before you attempt any Ascendant Challenge, you’ll need a Tincture of Queensfoil. This consumable item will give you the “Ascendance” buff for 30 minutes, allowing you to enter these weekly Ascendant Challenges. You can find Tinctures from activities and chests scattered throughout the Dreaming City. Tinctures can also be purchased from Huginn, an Ahamkara skull, inside Harbinger’s Seclude.

If you plan to complete the challenges each week, it’s a good idea to visit Petra Venj. She sells a weekly bounty that asks you to complete an Ascendant Challenge, granting Dreaming City gear if completed.

Note: You get one life in every Ascendant Challenge. If you die, you’ll respawn at the portal to the challenge. The portal will open after a few seconds, allowing you to attempt the challenge once more. Ascendant Challenges are listed in order of release, not curse strength.

Ascendant Challenge Week 1: Ouroborea

  • Location: Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector
  • Challenge: Destroy Taken Blights to expose crystals
  • Curse Strength: Strongest

You can find this challenge in the Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector, located in The Strand. The portal will be floating above a ramp towards the final boss arena.

Completing this challenge is a two-step process:

  1. Destroy four Taken Blights, located in each corner of the arena.
  2. Destroy every crystal in the center of the arena.

You’ll spawn at the center of the arena, sandwiched between multiple Ascendant Knights. These enemies are fairly tough so keep your distance. There are four Taken Blights you must destroy, one for each corner of the arena. Rotate clockwise around the arena, destroying each Blight you come across. Enemies will spawn when you get near a Blight, although you can easily avoid them.

When all four Blights are destroyed, a message stating “An opportunity” will appear. Every crystal will now be vulnerable to damage. Destroy the crystals at the center of the arena to complete the challenge.

Ascendant Challenge Week 2: Forfeit Shrine

  • Location: Gardens of Esila
  • Challenge: Deposit orbs, then kill Ascendant Knights
  • Curse Strength: Weak

This week’s challenge is located at the Garden of Esila, the southern-most section of The Strand. The portal can be found on the southeast corner of the zone, just after the first group of Hive Acolytes.

Completing this challenge will require the following:

  1. Deposit three orbs to the center of the arena.
  2. Kill the Ascendant Knights.

Each orb can be found in the outskirts of the area. They’ll be a UI indicator for where the orbs are, so they should be fairly easy to find. Grab the orb and escort it to the center to dunk them. You can melee with these orbs to build some momentum.

After you deposit three orbs, a pool of Light will spawn beneath you. This pool will give you infinite Super energy. You’ll be rushed from all angles by Ascendant Knights. Use your newfound power to nuke these enemies into dust. Kill all of the Knights to finish the challenge.

Ascendant Challenge Week 3: Shattered Ruins

  • Location: Spine of Keres
  • Challenge: Climb a tower, then kill a boss
  • Curse Strength: Growing

Once you reach the Spine of Keres, head towards the shore. You’ll see a portal floating along the path.

This challenge is quite straightforward:

  1. Ascend a tower
  2. Kill the boss

The tower is littered with traps and levitating platforms you’ll need to hop between. Completing this platforming section shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, but feel free to take it slow. At the apex of the tower is a Cabal Phalanx. Be careful not to get hit by the Phalanx’s shield, as it can easily launch you to the bottom of the tower. Nuke its health bar to finish the challenge.

Ascendant Challenge Week 4: Keep Of Honed Edges

  • Location: Harbinger’s Seclude
  • Challenge: Use a Hive Sword to kill two Ascendant Knights
  • Curse Strength: Strongest

Travel to the northern end of Harbinger’s Seclude. You’ll enter a spacious room with an Awoken statue at the northern tip of the room. Use a Tincture of Queensfoil to reveal a hidden path beside the statue. Follow the path to enter the portal.

You only have one objective here:

  1. Kill two Ascendant Knights with a Hive Sword.

Make your way to the arena by jumping across rock platforms. The center of the arena will have a Hive Sword protected by numerous Hive. They’ll be two Knights near the Sword that are impervious to damage. Kill every other Hive in the area to use the Sword.

You’ll have ten minutes to kill both Knights with the Sword. Use heavy attacks and the Sword’s Super attack to output as much damage as possible. When both Knights are defeated, follow the Toland wisp outside the arena to reach the chest. You’ll have multiple Taken enemies try to kill you during this part. Feel free to drop the Sword to shoot them from a distance.

Ascendant Challenge Week 5: Agonarch Abyss

  • Location: Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector
  • Challenge: Kill two Taken Wizards
  • Curse Strength: Weak

From the Divalian Mists, turn around and run into the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector. The portal is just before the entrance to the boss arena.

Week 5’s challenge is straightforward:

  1. Follow Toland’s wisps through a platforming section.
  2. Defeat a pair of Taken Wizards.

Toland will guide you through a long platforming section. Run to his orb to reveal the next platform. Follow Toland until you reach the arena at the very bottom.

Once you reach the bottom, run to Toland’s orb to spawn the final boss. You’ll need to kill two Taken Wizards while avoiding Taken Blights and Thrall. These Wizards are fairly weak, so this shouldn’t be a difficult encounter. Kill the Wizard pair to finish the challenge.

Ascendant Challenge Week 6: Cimmerian Garrison

  • Location: Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector
  • Challenge: Kill an Ascendant Knight
  • Curse Strength: Growing

The Chamber of Starlight is located at the southern end of Rheasilvia. You’ll find the portal directly behind the Lost Sector chest.

In essence, this challenge is a gauntlet. You’ll need to:

  1. Push through a myriad of enemies and traps.
  2. Defeat an Ascendant Knight boss.

Reaching the boss is a long ordeal, filled with traps that can push you off the map. Hobgoblins and Shriekers dot the path to the boss. If you want to play it safe, stay back and kill these enemies before you continue onward.

As for the final fight, you’ll be facing off against an Ascendant Knight in a cramped arena. A Shrieker will spew projectiles at you during this part, so it’s recommended that you kill it first before facing the boss. Every time the boss loses 25% of its total health, it’ll vanish for a few seconds and spawn Taken Thrall. The Knight will become enraged when it loses 75% of its health, denoted by the loss of its helmet. Burst the Knight down as fast as you can to complete the challenge.

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