Destiny 2 Game Director "Confident" That Sunsetting Will Improve, Even Though Everyone Hates It

Yesterday, Luke Smith had a hot take in an interview with Polygon when he said he’d love to remaster Destiny 2’s subclasses using the new Fragment and Aspect system introduced in Beyond Light, but that he’d want those subclasses to include an “edited list” of supers. Nova Warp was mentioned as one of the possible supers that might be cut in Smith’s wishlist of revamped Light-based supers.

Smith continued that interview today with more hot takes on sunsetting, the much-maligned process in which old loot gets rotated out of the game due to infusion caps. This effectively prevents old loot from being taken into new content and has resulted in some negative outcomes.

First, Smith reiterated his defense of sunsetting by saying that without it, players would have nothing to pursue. “I want to want a better thing,” Smith said, which is a fine thing, but Beyond Light’s implementation of sunsetting hasn’t really resulted in better things, necessarily.

For starters, the vast majority of Destiny 2’s loot pool was sunset without a replacement, leaving tons of holes (you can’t get a Void-damage Scout Rifle, for example). To fix this issue, Bungie added back many of the removed items from previous seasons but didn’t update their infusion caps, meaning some weapons are set to expire after the current season.

This has resulted in a problem where players are looking at a weapon about to hit its infusion cap and are tossing it in favor of other weapons that are not expiring so soon. An apt comparison made by Polygon is to that of a carton of milk. Why would you buy milk that expires in seven days when you could buy milk that expires in 10 days?

There are many more complaints surrounding sunsetting, however. For example, Bungie is still selling Forsaken and Shadowkeep even though both expansions have loot that has sunset to be unusable in Beyond Light. Further, sunsetting armor is particularly galling considering how rare high-stat armor can be and how large an investment armor requires in terms of materials.

Smith acknowledges complaints surrounding sunsetting and said he’s “confident we’re gonna continue to make improvements and changes.”

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