Destiny 2 Beyond Light Trailer Shows Off New Subclasses

Destiny 2 fans have been eagerly awaiting details on the game’s next expansion – promised to be one of the most ambitious updates to date. During Gamescom’s Opening Night Live, we got our first proper look at Beyond Light.

Bungie teased the reveal earlier this week with a cryptic tweet and an image:

“Embrace darkness. Tune in for a deeper look at Stasis,” reads the tweet.

What is “Beyond Light”? The most obvious answer would be “darkness”, and the next expansion is bringing Darkness-powered subclasses to the game, along with ice-based powers and more as players trek across the icy tundra of Europa.

Here’s a look at the new trailer:

The trailer revealed the names of the new subclasses, and we get to see them in action for the first time.

First up, there’s the Warlock Shadebinder, which allows you to “fracture with frost”. The Shadebinder seems as if it’s all about freezing and shattering multiple enemies at once.

Next there’s the Hunter Revenant – a class that allows you to “bring the storm”.  That storm comes in the form of an icy boomerang that’s functionally similar to Captain America’s shield – it bounces off enemies to hit more enemies, and you can even use it to bounce off walls and around corners to take out any enemies hiding there.

Then there’s the Titan Behemoth, who you can take control of to “crash like an avalanche”. The Behemoth can send out ground pounds and fly through the air to shatter enemies with heavy hits.

“Power takes a new form and three new subclasses emerge: Shadebinders, Revenants, and Behemoths,” Bungie says. “Guardians will wield Stasis as they begin a perilous journey. A journey to a new destination in search of a dark empire and secrets frozen in time. Secrets that will reveal a power beyond understanding – Beyond Light.  “

The three subclasses seemingly complement each other, allowing for devastating combos and terrifying team ups.

The story follows the emergence of a new power that comes from an ancient ship shaped like a pyramid, hovering over the tundra of Europa. A dark power bubbles away below the surface, as is often the case in video game stories. A dark army is rising, united under the banner of the Fallen Kell of Darkness, Eramis. You can push that power back when Destiny 2 Beyond Light releases on November 10.

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