Destiny 2: A Complete Guide To The Presage Mission

Similar to the Harbinger mission for Hawkmoon, Destiny 2’s Dead Man’s Tale Exotic has a unique mission tied to it. Named Presage, this mission takes Guardians through an abandoned Cabal ship near the Tangled Shore. Players can complete Presage once a week for a randomly-rolled Dead Man’s Tale.

This mission can be rather confusing on your first playthrough, especially if you’re attempting this solo. That is where this guide comes in. We will go over every puzzle, hidden collectible, and how each combat encounter works. We encourage you to go in blind on your first playthrough, as this mission has a fantastic atmosphere, but you can always follow this guide if you get lost or stuck. Here is a complete guide to the Presage mission in Destiny 2.

How To Start This Mission

To unlock the Presage mission, you must first obtain a distress signal from The Arms Dealer strike. You can obtain this from either the strike or Nightfall variant. Load into the mission, defeat the first group of Cabal, then run into the door behind them. Do not progress through the strike.

At the end of this corridor will be a tanky Cabal miniboss surrounded by turrets. Kill the Cabal in this area, then run towards the container at the furthest platform. Grab the distress signal inside the container, then speak to Zavala in the Tower. This will unlock the Presage mission in the Tangled Shore. You can start it from your Director.

Entering The Glykon

You will spawn at the loading ramp of the Glykon. The main doorway is locked, so you’ll need to get in from the side. Turn left and jump onto the platforms along the ship. Whenever you reach a dead end, turn around or look further along the ship.

Once inside, you’ll notice various grates blocking your path. You can destroy these grates by shooting at them. Continue along the path until you reach a large, open room. This room has a massive Cabal door that can be opened by interacting with a lever to the right of the door. If you turn around, you’ll notice a room covered in Darkness flora, a fog gate, and a cluster of spores near the fog.

Popping Spores

Near the strange Darkness fog gate will be a cluster of spores. To cross the gate, you must stand near the spores and damage them. This will give you a 15-second buff named “Egregore Link.” While active, you are able to cross these strange Darkness fog gates.

Collectible Clue #1

Break the spores near the fog, then cross into the next room. If you’re replaying this mission, you can scan the Cabal at the front of this room for some info.

To progress, head to the top left corner of the room. Break the vent, then proceed forward. When the path ends, jump up the vent to continue onward. The end of the path will drop you into a massive electrical room.

Electric Room

When you drop down, turn around and continue into the room. Scorn Screebs will charge you. They’re fairly tanky, so try to keep your distance. At the end of the path is a switch that will open a spore door near where you dropped down from. Break the spores, then cross the gap.

Collectible Clue #2

The second collectible can be found right before you cross this fog gate. It is a broken Scorn totem laying on a wall right after you cross the first gap.

More Screebs will jump you once you cross the fog. Once defeated, you will have to cross one additional gap in the electric room. You will find an electrical fuse exposed in a red tube. Destroy this fuse by damaging it. This will open the latch beside it.

Drop down the hatch to fight more, you guessed it, Screebs. A well-placed grenade should take care of most of them. Push forward slightly, turn right, and jump up the platform. There should be a switch near the wall. Flip it, then run to the opposite end of the room. This will lead to another gap in the electric room.

Cross it, flip the switch at the end, then double back to where you just came from. Drop down a floor, turn around, and look to the wall on your left to find a newly opened latch with a fuse you can break. Destroy it, then run back to the electric room gap you just came from. Land on the platform below. When ready, run down the garbage chute. Be prepared to jump to break your fall.

Garbage Compactor

In this encounter, you must destroy three fuses guarded by vents on the ground. This will open a hatch denoted by red lights in the room. Both ends of the room will be enclosing on you as this happens, and Screebs will be falling from the ceiling to blow you up. Bring some explosive weapons.

Interact with the switch at the end of the room to start the encounter. Focus on the vents closest to the compactor walls. Break any vents that have a glow near the center, as these have the fuses you’re looking for. Once all three are destroyed, drop down the hatch with red lights to enter the next encounter.

Note: If you die during this encounter, you just respawn above the chute. You can restart this part with no consequence. Screebs do not respawn.

Scorn Combat Encounters

First Encounter Enemies

  • Chieftains
  • Ravagers
  • Stalkers
  • Raiders
  • Screebs

As you drop down into the next room, waves of Scorn will begin to spawn. Try to keep your distance during this fight; most of the enemies are Ravagers. Take out the Raider snipers in the back, then kill any charging Ravagers. Kill the Chieftans next, then clean up the rest of the enemies. Push to the next room for another, much harder encounter.

Second Encounter Enemies

  • Two Abomination Bosses
  • Chieftans
  • Ravagers
  • Stalkers
  • Raiders
  • Lurkers

Two Abominations will pelt devastating lightning attacks at you during this fight. Stick to cover to prevent getting sniped. Raider snipers will also lurk on the second-story platform overlooking the area. Take them out as soon as you can.

Besides the ranged enemies, tons of Ravagers will swarm you throughout this fight. Pull them away from any Chieftans before facing them. Kill the Ravager waves, then focus on defeating the Chieftans. When most of the Scorn are dead, focus on one of the Abominations. They are absurdly tanky, so feel free to unload your Heavy weapon or Super into them.

When one Abomination dies, an additional wave of Scorn will spawn. Screebs will be part of this wave, so try to stay away from enemies. As before, kill the melee enemies first. Defeat most of the Scorn, then focus all of your firepower on the second Abomination. Killing both ends the encounter.

Collectible Clue #3

Near the end of the hanger will be a human-looking ship adorned with Calus ornaments. Jump on top of the ship to scan it.

To leave the hanger, look for a platform to the right of the second hanger door. Hop to the other hanger, jump on top of the Cabal ship, then head into the air vent in the corner of the room. The end of this path will lead to the final maze in Presage.


Right as you enter this room, hang left to find a switch beside a Cabal door. This will reveal a spore cluster. Break the spores, then run to the right side of the room to cross a fog gate.

Inside this new room will be a small band of Screebs. Blow them up before continuing. At the end of this room is yet another switch you can pull.

Directly across from the switch will reveal a door with a fuse. Unlike other fuses, this one is timed. Once broken, you have five seconds to act.

Break the fuse, then jump to the platforms above you (the electric grid guarding it will dissipate). A switch can be found to the right of the platform. Once pulled, follow the left corridor to find yet another switch.

Collectible Clue #4

Just as you enter the corridor, scan the tubes laying in the right corner.

All of those switches opened a spore cluster beside the timed fuse you blew up. Run to the spores, obtain the buff, then run towards the end of the room. Jump up the platform to your left, then continue along the path to reach a new room.

Maze: Part Two

More Scorn can be found in this room, this time including fodder enemies. Clear them out. At the end of this room is a switch that opens the door below you. Turn right, drop down, and kill the Cabal turret guarding the room. To the right of the turret is a fuse you can break. Destroy it to reveal a spore cluster, this time directly across from the entrance to this room. Break the spores, then run to the end of the room to drop down the fog gate.

You are now in a proper maze. Fortunately, this maze is very easy to navigate. Break the panels show above to reveal the spore cluster. The grates across from the spores are where you need to go. Break that grate, push forward, then break the next one. A third grate is further ahead to your left. Destroy it, kill the Screeb behind it, then push forward. Run left again, then follow that path to find the fog gate. If you lost your spore buff, double back to grab it. You’ll have more than enough time to traverse the fog gate.

To recap:

Enter the grate directly across the spore cluster -> turn left as soon as possible-> turn on the next left -> follow the path to reach the fog gate.

This will bring you back to the start of the puzzle. Now a door will be open directly across from the first spore cluster. Break the spores to run through the fog gate. You’re now at the final encounter.

Locus Of Communion Boss Fight

Boss Encounter Enemies:

  • Locus of Communion
  • Chieftans
  • Stalkers
  • Chieftans
  • Lurkers
  • Screebs

Place a raid banner before pressing onward. Break the spores at the end of the room to proceed through the fog gate.

The Locus of Communion is the same as Forsaken’s Hangman boss. For those unfamiliar, this is a boss Ravager enemy that erects pillars of flame with his massive censer.

At the start of the encounter, the boss will spawn and rush you. A few shots will cause him to disappear, fleeing to the furnace below you. Waves of Scorn will also spawn. They hit rather hard, so consider using your Super to stay alive.

Since the boss is in a furnace, standing in it will kill you. There are three panels you must activate to disable the furnace, allowing you to damage the boss without risk of burning alive:

Panel #1

Panel #2

Panel #3

They can be activated in any order, although it is recommended to activate the second one last. This particular panel burns you while you’re in the room, so be quick to activate it. Each panel will display a message stating “Coolant Flush [number] Initiated.” With all three panels activated, run to any end of the room to drop down into the furnace.

The Locus of Communion is an aggressive boss, charging you ruthlessly while failing his censer around. Use Stasis or any crowd-control abilities to slow him down. Try to stay at a distance during this part, using Heavy weapons to deal damage to him. Anarchy and Witherhoard are great here. Alternatively, you can go completely on the offensive and barrel-stuff him with a Shotgun. The Fourth Horseman is fantastic against this boss if you can close the gap.

After the Locus takes a small bit of damage, he’ll spawn a wave of Scorn. Focus on the Chieftans first, then kill the rest. Damage the boss until he loses a chunk of health (around 33% per bar). This will reignite the furnace, displaying a message stating “Boiler Room Temperature Critical.” You have around five seconds to reach the upper floor before you start taking damage.

Run up to the surface, kill the Scorn adds above, then repeat what you just did. Do this three times to kill the boss. Follow the waypoint on your HUD to retrieve the Dead Man’s Tale.

Collectible Clue #5

After you kill the boss, drop down to the linear corridor at the end of the room. Instead of progressing onward, turn around and jump over the chest-high wall. A projection of Calus will be in the corner that you can scan.

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