Destiny 2: 7 Ways To Prepare For The Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack

While Destiny fans won't have a new expansion to conquer this holiday, Bungie is releasing a 30th Anniversary Pack for Destiny 2 on December 7th, bringing with it fan-favorite weapons along with new activities. Farming for Eyesluna, 1000-Yard Stare, and Gjallarhorn should keep fans busy until February comes around.

To help you dive straight into this content drop, we'll be giving seven tips on how you can prepare for the 30th Anniversary Pack coming in December. Farming for god-roll weapons, armor, and completing your Exotic collection are just a few things you'll want to work on before this content drop releases. Each entry is in no particular order.

Complete Your Exotic Collection

The 30th Anniversary Pack comes with a massive sandbox update, arguably the largest tuning update the franchise has seen. Abilities are about to become much stronger in PvE and less frequent in PvP. To take full advantage of all the ability changes, you're going to want a complete Exotic collection. Farm Legend Lost Sectors and Nightfalls to fill out your collection before December 7th rolls around.

Exotic armor ranges in quality quite heavily, but the vast majority of Exotics in Destiny 2 enhance your abilities or cooldowns in some way. We don't know all of the ability changes that are coming in December, but we do know that just about every ability is getting a tune-up.

Some Exotics to look out for come December 7th:

  • Hunter

    • Shinobu's Vow – It is getting a large PvP nerf, but Skip Grenades might be getting a buff. Keep an eye on this Exotic.
    • The Sixth Coyote – A second Dodge charge mitigates the upcoming Dodge nerfs, and it helps maintain Surplus' multitude of buffs.
    • Athrys's Embrace – One-shot throwing knives are easy to trigger if you use an SMG, Pulse, Auto, or Trace Rifle.
  • Warlock

    • Crown of Tempests – This Exotic might be incredibly strong if Stormcaller's grenades and top-tree melee are getting buffed.
    • Boots of the Assembler – Drastically shifts the TTK of Primaries in PvP. Use this to help your team win more gunfights.
    • Starfire Protocol – This Exotic has excellent grenade and Rift uptime. Keep an eye on this if Fusion Greandes get buffed.
    • Titan

      • Heart of Inmost Light – Alters the damage of all abilities you use. Could make more niche grenades and top-tree Sunbreaker melee one-shot in PvP.

        • Also mitigates ability cooldown changes.
        • Crest of Alpha Lupi – Healing on-demand is incredibly strong, especially considering Titan Barricade cooldowns are barely getting changed.
        • Hallowfire Heart – Sunbreaker Supers charge slower now, but this could be a powerful PvE option for people that want to spam grenades.
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          Stock Up On Masterwork Materials

          This mini-season seems focused on buildcrafting, giving players the tools to specialize in a particular ability or playstyle. To really focus on a build in Destiny, you need two things:

          1. Good armor rolls
          2. Masterwork materials

          The former will be more important than ever with the 30th Anniversary's cooldown changes. The latter is required to equip any halfway decent mods onto your armor. Fortunately, it's easier than ever to farm for high-stat armor in Destiny 2. As for Masterwork materials, you'll want to be farming Nightfalls—preferably on Master or Grandmaster—to stock up on Prisms and Ascendant Shards. Trials of Osiris is also a decent alternative if you're good at PvP.

          Tip: If you have a ton of Prisms but not many Enhancement Cores, upgrade any armor piece to rank eight, consuming one Prism. This will give you six Enhancement Cores when dismantled.

          Level Your Alternate Characters

          Bungie's 30th Anniversary Pack contains quite a few ornaments and armor sets, more than a typical season. Most of these armor sets look fantastic, ranging from Marathon-themed armor to Thorn-inspired apparel. December is going to be a great time for "Dresstiny" or making your Guardian look as good as possible.

          We don't know if this pack will be sunset anytime soon. Just to be safe, we recommend you level up your alternate characters so you can claim any swag this bundle gives. It'll also let you farm for the Thorn-themed armor set in this pack's Cosmodrome dungeon, which many argue is one of the coolest-looking armor sets in the game. It'll also give you multiple chances to farm the dungeon each week if it can't be farmed.

          Finish Your Seasonal Challenges

          While there will be a Bright Dust refresh come December 7th, we're not sure if Seasonal Challenges from Season 15 are going to still be available. Regardless, you'll want to complete as many Seasonal Challenges now as you can to stock up on Bright Dust. There's a very good chance the Eververse Store is going to be restocked with new goodies, some of which will likely be sold for Bright Dust. Stock up on Bright Dust now to save yourself hours of grinding later down the road.

          Fill Out Your Mod Collection

          Ever since Shadowkeep was released, Bungie has been shifting Guardian power away from weapon perks and more towards armor mods. A Guardian wearing optimized armor is going to be objectively stronger than a Guardian who's only using the bare essentials.

          If you're new to Destiny 2 or haven't tinkered with your armor much, we have a few guides that should get you up to speed:

          • A Complete Guide To Armor 2.0
          • Every Way To Obtain High-Stat Armor
          • A Complete Guide To Combat Style Mods

          For most players, the two things you want to be doing right now are redeeming Engrams and visiting Ada-1 every day. Engrams have a high chance of unlocking a general armor mod you don't own. Ada-1 is your only source of Combat Style mods from past seasons. Check her stock every day and purchase any Combat Style mods she's selling. If you're short on Mod Components, check out our Mod Components guide to learn how where you can get more of this currency type. Players that own Season of the Chosen, Splicer, and/or Lost should also improve their vendor reputation with each seasonal vendor to unlock Elemental Well mods from the H.E.L.M.

          Start Farming God Roll Weapons

          Beyond ability and Exotic tweaks, Bungie is also making some rather large changes to certain Exotic weapons and Legendary archetypes in general. This patch will improve the feel of Sidearms and Fusion Rifles on high-framerate devices, reduce the effectiveness of Vex Mythoclast, buff Whisper of the Worm, and more.

          Determining what the meta will be is tough and premature, but you can start farming some good weapons now before the Anniversary Pack is out. In general, Demolitionist and Wellspring are going to be significantly stronger since the lethality of abilities is getting overhauled—almost nothing but buffs for PvE. Thresh might also be a good option in both PvE and PvP due to the Super recharge changes coming.

          For more specifics on good weapon rolls, check out our Destiny 2 Beyond Light hub. We have a section dedicated to covering the best weapons and rolls for each weapon archetype.

          Unlock All Stasis Aspects And Fragments

          Most players have ignored the Stasis quests altogether since they're incredibly tedious. There are very few things as annoying in Destiny 2 as completing the Born in Darkness quest chain on your main character, let alone your alts. With that said, buildcrafting is going to be a big thing when this DLC drops. Stasis could very well house some powerful synergies that weren't possible before. We have guides on how to obtain every Stasis Aspect, although be warned: the quests are bugged for some players. If you're curious about which Fragments are worth grabbing first, check out our Fragment tier list.

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