Deleted Tweet From Square Enix Exec Hints At Final Fantasy 16 Reveal This Wednesday

The PlayStation 5 showcase on Wednesday is sure to generate a lot of buzz. Perhaps we will finally learn the price of the console. Perhaps there will be another major game announcement. Maybe, just maybe, that game announcement could be Final Fantasy 16. To strengthen the argument, Square Enix executive officer and Final Fantasy brand manager Shinji Hashimoto excitedly tweeted about the event but promptly deleted it.

Fans have recently discovered that a Twitter account has been opened for Final Fantasy 16, but it isn’t active. If you remember, back in June Xbox fans found a twitter handle had been created for Fable that looked just like the handle for Final Fantasy. Microsoft decided to comment on the existence of the handle and told fans not to get their hopes up about a new game; that twitter handles are created to protect IPs regardless of whether there are plans to use them or not.

Of course, when Microsoft released a trailer for a Fable reboot, we knew what they said about Twitter couldn’t be fully trusted. We don’t know if Sony is doing the same thing here, but if it looks like a duck…

He made no direct mention of Final Fantasy in the tweet, but his excitement might have betrayed him. The tweet actually originated from a social media management site, so we can be relatively confident that he didn’t personally tweet it out from his phone. Whatever happened here, it bodes well for a Final Fantasy announcement. If the rumors of a steampunk aesthetic hold true, we could be in for one of the biggest, most exciting reveals of the year.

The last PlayStation event wow-ed a lot of us with its top-notch indie games, its graphics, and the overall feel of a “next-gen” presentation. It was truly a sight to behold and one that—more importantly for Sony—convinced a lot of you that the PS5 was the console that you needed to get. Of course, as the months have dragged on, Xbox has made itself a real contender for being the must-have next-gen console. A lot of us expect Sony will need to pull out the stops on Wednesday if they are going to be part of the conversation again.

If games like Final Fantasy are going to be part of the event, the PS5 may still reign supreme.

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