Deep Rock Galactic Passes 10 Million Players Thanks To PlayStation Launch

Deep Rock Galactic’s PlayStation debut seems to have been very successful for Ghost Ship Games. After launching on PlayStation on January 5, Deep Rock Galactic can now boast over 10 million total players across all platforms.

Of course, giving the game away for free as part of January’s PlayStation Plus titles probably helped a lot there.

For those who still haven’t cracked open an asteroid to extract the sweet sweet minerals within, Deep Rock Galactic puts you in command of a Dwarven space miner. Your job is to get in, find the minerals you need, extract them, and then make it back to the drop pod before getting overwhelmed by a swarm of aliens.

Deep Rock was first released on Steam early access way back in February of 2018 as just a bare concept but has since expanded steadily with period content drops. The game celebrated its full release in May 2020 by also hitting up Xbox and Windows PC. As of November last year, Xbox and PC sales combined totaled over 3 million units.

If you’re looking for a co-op shooter, there’s really no better game than Deep Rock Galactic. And if you’ve got a PlayStation 4 or 5, you can download the game for free alongside Persona 5 Strikers and Dirt 5 thanks to PlayStation Plus.

But you might soon be able to download Deep Rock Galactic beyond January. PlayStation is working on a Game Pass competitor that’ll revamp and replace both PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus. It’ll offer three subscription tiers with access to a library of PS4 and PS5 games. Considering Deep Rock’s success, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it become one of the games offered as part of that library. We might even get an announcement relatively soon.

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