Deathloop Can Release On Other Consoles From September 14, 2022

Deathloop just got a new advertisement. That’s not really noteworthy on its own since the game has been out for over three months and we already know pretty much everything about it, but the interesting thing about this ad is that it confirms when Deathloop can release on consoles other than PlayStation.

In the first frame of the ad shown below are two sentences: "Also available on PC. Not available on other consoles until at least 09/14/22." And thus we now know when Deathloop can be played on Xbox.

Deathloop started development back in 2019 and was confirmed as a PlayStation exclusive game when it was shown during PlayStation’s 2020 E3 showcase. Less than a year later, Microsoft purchase developer Arkane Studios as part of the big Bethesda/ZeniMax deal from last year. At the time, this raised questions as to whether or not Microsoft would honor the deals signed by the studios it now owned, but the answer came soon after the ink was dry: yes, Microsoft would honor any exclusive game contracts signed before the Bethesda purchase. Future games would likely be PC and Xbox exclusives, but Deathloop would be a PS5 exclusive for at least one year.

That year apparently began starting on September 14. We should see the Xbox version of Deathloop arriving on September 14, 2022, but note that the language didn't necessarily exclude a Switch version of Deathloop either.

If you haven't played Deathloop, you should. The game has made it to pretty much everybody's top ten list of 2021 and has even been crowned game of the year by several of the editors around these parts. It won best art direction at The Game Awards, is up for most innovative gameplay for The Steam Awards, and is 50% off as part of the Steam Winter Sale.

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