Dead Space: Chapter Eight Walkthrough

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  • Activating The Comm Array
  • Antenna Disarray
  • Severing The Remnant

We're over halfway through Dead Space, and things have gone from bad to worse for Isaac Clarke and his scattered companions. But there have been glimmers of hope lately – an SOS beacon getting picked up is surely the only way off this wreck, and it felt good to blow that big Leviathan into space, right?

The eighth chapter begins, as many chapters do, with trams. Make your way to the Mining Tram Station, take your lovely ride to the Bridge, and start 'Search and Rescue' in earnest.

Activating The Comm Array

Once you reach Main Atrium, a lockdown commences. By now, you know what that means – another quick clean-up mission. With several dead Necromorphs behind you, head to Floor Three, where you'll find a pair of red-tentacled Guardians beside the Comms Access Hall doorway. Past there, go to Comms Control Room. Fiddle with the console here.

Turn left while you're in here. You'll find the RIG belonging to Bailey, as well as a log shining light on what he was up to. Now go through the pair of large, somewhat circular doors, leading out into a zero-grav environment section.

This next part's either fun or harrowing, depending on how much you enjoy Dead Space's puzzles. It's time for Isaac's engineering acumen to get put to the test again. Every node here must be rerouted appropriately. You'll need Kinesis in order to replace each node into a socket.

The parts necessary for this process are shaped not unlike the letter 'L'. They tend to stand out. Whatever path you take, the goal is the same – get enough nodes rerouted with these pieces to bring power back to the central machine.

Once you've finished with this puzzle, return to the room with the console (it's the one that leads to where you got Bailey's RIG!) and interact with it for a scene.

Antenna Disarray

The Valor is on its way – yay. The Valor is about to crack open an escape pod with Chen's Necromorph aboard it – not-so-yay. Something is blocking the blast doors over the Comms Array. Check your indicator periodically, as per usual, to keep tabs on where you need to go; we're off to deploy the antenna.

In the next hall, don't let the Slasher get the jump on you as you head toward crates needing Kinesis to move out of the way. Go through the door to the Maintenance Gondola after disposing of the beast. Take the gondola for another ride, then keep following the indicator, blasting Necromorphs as you do, and prepare to see an 'old friend' once Isaac reaches the Long-Range Antenna.

Severing The Remnant

Well, that's charming. Hang a right from the Long-Range Antenna Room. Follow the route until you come upon an airlock where Isaac can head outside. Do so.

Each of the three ADS cannon control terminals must be aligned to fire upon the Leviathan's glowing areas. The Leviathan is hardly helpless, as it will shoot those grotesque sacs at Isaac that you're familiar with from the previous engagement. You'll find O2 refueling stations close to each cannon. Thank goodness.

With the Leviathan 'dead and gone', as Isaac says, head back inside and attempt to activate the Long-Range Antenna again. Enjoy the further bad news as the Valor slams into the Ishimura. At least Hammond's the new man with a plan. Head across the zero-g vacuum over to the Valor, and you'll have finished Chapter Eight of Dead Space.

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