Cyberpunk Player Demonstrates How To Put Your Car On Any Roof

TheGamer delivers some pretty exceptional guides, but we aren’t always the first out of the gate with the hottest tips. Sometimes we have to give credit where credit is due, and today that credit belongs to Redditor u/cyberpunk3078 who showed us how to get a car up on the roof.

It is the lifelong ambition of every red-blooded, corn-fed American to one day put their car up on the roof. The constitution of the United States emphatically protects your right to put a car on any roof, provided you have the means to get it there. A lot has apparently changed by the year 2077, but at least a man is still free to park his car on the roof of the tallest building in Night City.

Which begs the question, who do you get your car on top of (any) building? The method u/cyberpunk3078 shows off is a bit tedious and is only possible thanks to a bug, but with enough patience and cars, you can use this strategy to put your favorite car on the roof of your choice just as God intended.

There’s a place outside of Night City, just north of the Nomad camp, that the game considers out of bounds. When you call your car there it won’t drive up like normal. Instead, it will appear right behind, floating a few inches off the ground. If you stand on top of that car and call a different car, the next one will appear behind you floating even higher than the first one.

By calling a new car each time, you can create a never-ending staircase and climb up miles above night city.  The creator of this technique explains that you need at least 15 different cars to make this work because you won’t be able to call a specific car if you’re too close to the last one you called. You need to be more than 50 meters away, so by rotating through 15 different cars you can make this technique work. It also a good idea to use the double jump upgrade so you don’t accidentally fall off your staircase.

When your car is positioned directly over the building you want to park it on, just crouch and start punching the car. It will slowly descend until it lands perfectly atop your chosen building. Save your game here, and you can come back anytime you want to enjoy a nice drive across a narrow rooftop.

Thank you for your service, u/cyberpunk3078. My car can finally go where it belongs: on the roof of a tall building.

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