Cyberpunk 2077’s DMCA-Safe Mode Is Actually Not That Safe – Better Turn Off All Music If Streaming

The entire world is currently in the throes of Cyberpunk-mania as CD Projekt’s long-awaited gaming opus is finally available. With a game this popular it’s not surprising that many streamers are looking to feature it prominently on their channels. That’s why there’s a DMCA-friendly option to turn off all copyrighted music to avoid any possible takedowns or strikes from the suddenly very litigious Twitch.

The only problem is that this setting doesn’t seem to work all that well. And this revelation is coming straight from the developers themselves.

According to the official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter page, there are still quite a few songs that could land many streamers a DMCA strike even with the “Disable Copyrighted Music” setting turned on. At first, it looked like the problem was only present in the first two Braindance sequences but a follow-up tweet now makes it seem like the issue is more prevalent than originally thought.

CD Projekt appears to be working on a fix, but for now, they’re urging streamers to completely turn off all music in the game. Sure hope you weren’t expecting to tune into these streams to hear some sick futuristic tunes because all you’re going to hear are gunshots and Jackie’s musings on food and booze.

This is yet another mess for CD Projekt Red to clean up. The most recent snafu involved their lack of a seizure warning at the start of the game (there was a mention of it in the EULA if you read that.) That’s since been corrected, but there’s still plenty of performance issues and rather raunchy bugs that have yet to be patched up.

Looking at all these mounting problems it’s starting to become clear why Cyberpunk 2077 was delayed so many times. It is an absolutely massive game with plenty of moving parts.  As evidenced by the many bugs seen in Bethesda’s Fallout and Elder Scrolls games, huge open-world RPG titles like this tend to be a disaster on launch day. Even CD Projekt’s previous blockbuster, The Witcher 3, was prone to glitches and technical problems. So it’s quite possible that with a few patches over time Cyberpunk will be in a much better state.

However, this is a crummy situation for the streamers who were looking to play this game for their followers. Having to remove all music just to avoid any legal troubles with Twitch is far from the optimal way to experience Cyberpunk. Hopefully, this setting will be improved soon so that players don’t need to worry about a strike over an song that somehow slipped through the cracks.

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