Cyberpunk 2077: Tips For Taking On An Assault In Progress

Getting through the main story of Cyberpunk 2077 is one thing, but actually completing all gigs and NCPD scanner hustles are entirely another ordeal. There are so many different types of missions in Night City that it might feel overwhelming initially to look at the map. However, the main thing to keep in mind is to tackle missions that have, at most, a Moderate difficulty level.

One of the NCPD scanner hustles is the Assault In Progress, which is marked with a blue club icon. Assaults will usually involve almost any type of enemy, from Scavs to gang groups to even Arasaka corporation assassins. Make sure to check the difficulty for these as well before tackling them. Here’s what to do in preparation of these quick and generally pretty simple assault missions that involve you taking down a group of enemies at a specific location.

Scope Out The Area

Once you arrive at the scene of the Assault In Progress, don’t approach the area just yet. Take your time and walk around for a bit, see what’s nearby. The good thing about the game is that there’s never one location from which you can approach your opponents, nor is there one simple way to defeat them.

You could try to find high ground if you have the right cyberware to get there, or an alternate entrance into the area which gives you a bit more cover. Either way, always check what’s nearby and decide on how you want to approach the scene.

Scan The Enemy

While you’re still far away from the perps, activate your Kiroshi scanners and take a look at who it is you’re actually going to be fighting. The scanner reveals a surprising amount of information on your enemies, including their affiliation and special skills they have available to defeat you.

Not just that, they’ll show any resistances an enemy has, which can help you decide what kind of weapons or quickhacks you want to use against them. For example, some enemies will take more damage from a quickhack like Short Circuit, while others will be practically immune to it.

Scan The Environment

Scanning your enemies is priority number one, but if you really want to set yourself up for success, you should also scan the environment that you previously scoped out. There’s a ton of information to be derived from most of the scenes where assaults can take place, including devices and security cameras.

Security cameras in particular should be tapped into, since it allows you to know exactly how many enemies are inside a specific area. Assaults In Progress won’t usually have that many devices, but you can use hacks to distract the enemy or even detect explosive tanks that you can use to your advantage once you engage in combat.

Use Ping Quickhack

Before going into battle, you might want to prepare yourself with either consumables, intelligence, or both. Consumables aside, the Ping quickhack is extremely useful especially for character builds that fall on the stealthy side of things.

In Assaults, enemies tend to be grouped up, but having a bit of extra vision on them doesn’t hurt, since you can use that to your advantage. Alternatively, this would be the time to make sure you eat and drink consumables to get some health regeneration.

Take Note Of Civilians

Before you jump straight in guns blazing, keep in mind that Assaults In Progress usually involve civilians. Typically, a group of gang members will by bullying innocent civilians who will be cowering nearby or begging for help. You need to be mindful of these people and not confuse them with your targets.

If you shoot a civilian during an Assault, the police will be called on you, and that could make your battle ten times more difficult, since it’ll not only pit you against your Assault enemies, but also against the NCPD. So, make sure you know where the civilians are by scanning around for a bit. They’ll usually be crouched and covering their heads in a panicked manner.

Be Mindful When To Attack

Another thing to consider before attacking is when to actually do it. Attacking the Assault enemies before you’ve entered the vicinity or caught their attention can sometimes result in the police getting involved. This is obviously something you’ll want to avoid and is probably a bug related to the police AI.

To make sure you don’t piss off the NCPD, walk towards the scene until the blue Assault In Progress status appears on your screen. This is usually the point at which you can start attacking freely.

Stay Mobile

Not all assault scenes will have a lot of cover, but even if they do, it’s never a good idea to camp a specific location. Enemies will try to run at you or even throw grenades. Some will also try to flank you by moving to different covers around the scene.

Keep an eye on your mini-map to see where the closest enemy is. Avoid having someone flank you or gain a side angle on you, which could put serious pressure on you. The best way is to remain mobile and move quicker than your enemies, who will usually prefer sticking to cover for as long as possible.

Use Explosives To Close The Distance

In the event that your enemies will try to hide behind cover for a long time, you might want to find other ways of attacking them. Quickhacks are great to catch peeking enemies off-guard to deal damage on them from a great distance.

However, if you’re no netrunner or long-range sniper or rifle specialist, you’ll want to use explosives. Depending on the resistances of your enemies, you could pick a specific type of grenade to chuck at them while they’re grouped up or behind cover. Use the environment you scanned earlier to your advantage too and aim at any explosive tanks or pipes enemies might be standing next to.

Scavenge For Ammo And Consumables

Most Assault scenes will have tons of loot nearby. This includes food and ammo, typically placed on the ground or on top of various crates and tanks. If you find yourself in a pinch, try taking cover and checking if there are any consumables nearby you.

Even just finding a bit of food and a drink can be enough to keep you sustained through your fight, so keep your eyes peeled for stuff on the floor and as well as ammo boxes to keep you going.

Don’t Forget About The Evidence

The NCPD won’t actually send you reward for your job well done until all perps are dead and you’ve secured evidence. The evidence location doesn’t usually appear on the map, but rather will glow faintly in yellow and have a yellow exclamation point above it.

Evidence can be found on corpses of your dead enemies, pouches or crates and so forth so look around properly. Make sure to take everything from the evidence box. Otherwise, the glowing marker will remain there forever.

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