Cyberpunk 2077 The Beast In Me Outcomes And Options – How To Get Two Free Vehicles

After completing the Main Job “Double Life”, you will get a call from Claire, the bartender from the Afterlife, offering you a series of racing quests. Accept her offer and meet her at her garage in Arroyo to trigger Cyberpunk 2077’s Side Job “The Beast In Me”.

It starts off pretty straightforward. It’s a series of races that you need to win. You don’t need a particularly fast car and can easily win them by using Claire’s truck. Things get much more interesting when you reach the final, though, at which point there are three possible outcomes.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Beast In Me – The Big Race Choices

Claire is out for revenge against this race’s top driver, Sampson, and she wants you to stick to his tail so she can riddle him with bullets. This is where your first choice comes in:

  • Stick behind Sampson and let Claire do damage
  • Ignore Claire’s request and finish the race

If you decide to ignore Claire and treat it like any other race, you’ll get the winnings, but Claire will be cold with you whenever you see her at the Afterlife bar for the rest of the game. You also don’t get Claire’s truck – a unique vehicle.

If you decide to do what Claire asks and chase Sampson down, you will eventually have to turn off the race when he abandons the track due to damage. If you do this, an accident occurs and you’re faced with another choice:

  • Let Claire take her revenge
  • Convince Claire to spare Sampson

If Claire kills Sampson and takes her revenge, you get Claire’s truck as a reward.

To convince Claire to spare Sampson, you have to have first tried to convince her not to take revenge after the Santa Domingo race. After the accident, say you want to hear Sampson out and keep trying to convince Claire not to kill him. If you didn’t try to convince Claire not to take revenge after the Santa Domingo race, she will kill him despite your protests here.

If you do convince her to spare Sampson, you get Claire’s truck and Sampson’s car as a reward. These are both unique. If you’re looking to track down every unique vehicle in Cyberpunk 2077, check out our dedicated guide at that link.

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