Cyberpunk 2077 Quests: Epistrophy Full Guide To All Delamain Cabs

There are a lot of strange things happening in Cyberpunk 2077, and Delamain is the target of one of them. In the sidequest Human Nature, which you’ll get shortly after the main quest Playing For Time, you’ll be heading to a car park to pick up a brand new vehicle, just when another car, seemingly one of Delamain’s cabs, rams into you, and then drives away, destroying your new ride. This simply can’t stand, and Delamain invites you to his headquarters, thus beginning Tune Up, immediately followed by the multi-layer quest Epistrophy.

Delamain will tell you that something has gone wrong with parts of his AI network, and seemingly, his vehicles are developing personalities of their own. This can be very bad for business, and so Delamain sends you out to retrieve every single one of his vehicles that has gone AWOL. Each of Delamain’s vehicles will be in a different location around Night City, and you’ll have to do different things to get them to come with you. Read below for a full guide on how to solve each of Delamain’s cab problems.

Finding Delamain’s Cabs In Cyberpunk 2077

Once you get close to where one of Delamain’s cabs are he will call you, and you will be given a quest and a waypoint to that specific cab. The hard part is coming across them, and actually making them go back is easy – usually. Just go to each of the locations we list below and follow the instructions.

North Oak

Head to North Oak and you’ll find Delamain’s cab slowly circling a roundabout. This cab has developed anxiety for some reason and feels very uncomfortable. Drive near it to talk to it, and then once it has calmed down, enter the cab. You’ll have to drive the cab back to Delamain’s HQ, but because it’s anxious, you’ll have to drive slowly and ensure you don’t crash at any point. Do so successfully, and this quest is done.

The Glen

Drive to The Glen and Delamain will give you the location of his cab, which is parked near a river. This cab is feeling depressed and suicidal, so you’ll have to convince them not to drive into the river and instead head back to the Delamain HQ.


This cab is by far the most devious – and if you listen to the voice closely, it will likely sound very familiar, but not from Cyberpunk 2077. Once you’ve located the cab give chase, and it’ll eventually trap you under a bridge with a bunch of gang members. Once you fight them all off, the cab will relent, though not willingly.

Rancho Colorado

Once you locate this cab near an antenna tower, it will start driving through the streets and over lawns absurdly. Stay close to connect and chat, and you’ll discover it hates the flamingo ornaments in the gardens and wants them destroyed. You just have to destroy a bunch, and they’ll be marked as waypoints on your map. Though beware, some flamingos are near gang members that will shoot on sight, and I personally used a sniper rifle from a bridge to pick off flamingos from a distance.


The cab in Wellsprings is, for whatever reason, extremely hostile, and there’s no changing its mind. There’s no peaceful way out of this one, and once you encounter it, it will begin to attack. You need to deal damage to it to shut it down. The most obvious way to do this is to ram it with your car, but you can also shoot it, provided you have enough bullets (and if not, craft some).

You can lean out of your car window to shoot by equipping a weapon while driving, or you can leave the vehicle, which does put you at risk of being run over. If you use your car to trap or get the Delamain cab stuck somewhere, then get out to shoot, then you’ll have the best chance of success.


One of Delamain’s cabs is deep within the Badlands, and yes, you will want to drive to get here, because it’s a long distance away. Thankfully, because it’s such a long distance away, it’s over pretty fast. This cab just needs some reassurance, and you can sit inside it and chat for a moment to resolve this quest.


The cab in Northside is attempting to hide, but it’s not hidden too well. Your minimap will have a large area where the cab could be, and to save you some time, it’s not hidden down some hidden alley. On one of the far edges of the search area, you’ll find the cab hidden in a small park filled with storage lots. Drive inside the entrance and the cab will notice you, and attempt to flee, so don’t get out of the car. Chase the cab until it crashes, and then that’ll conclude this part of the quest.

What About Your Car From Human Nature?

Delamain hasn’t forgotten about what happened to your car, and you will, eventually be contacted to let you know your car is available for collection. This amount of time isn’t clear, but just keep clearing quests and skip time forward a few times, and eventually, you’ll get the message to collect it.

What’s next for Delamain In Cyberpunk 2077?

Delamain’s AI troubles haven’t come to a conclusion yet, and they will be resolved in the next quest, Don’t Lose Your Mind. We will have a full quest guide for Don’t Lose Your Mind, but as a primer, if you want the most interesting outcome from the next quest, you should go in with at least 10 points in Intelligence – a high cost, but whether the reward is worth it depends on what you want.

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