Cyberpunk 2077 Quest: The Pickup – How To Save Brick For A Later Partnership

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game with densely layered quests – just one small decision you make early on can have ramifications for late-game story beats, and it is genuinely difficult to discern which conversation triggers will have things end well, and which will have thing end very badly. An early main story mission, The Pickup, will have you visiting a gang called Maelstrom, lead by an intimidating man named Royce. Royce recently overthrew Brick, the previous Maelstrom leader, and he’s being held captive in All Foods. If you free Brick and get him out alive, Royce and Maelstrom will show up again in a later quest.

Getting the situation right so you can resolve things peacefully and have Brick and Maelstrom assist you later in the game requires some very delicate conversation, follow our guide here for everything you need to know to have this situation go as smoothly as possible.

Negotiating With Royce In Cyberpunk 2077

If you want to have Maelstrom show up to help you out later in the game, then you need to ensure you don’t start any combat against them – that includes tearing up turrets or stealth-assassinating any goons. Oh, and definitely don’t start shooting in the middle of a negotiation. You will want to stay fairly pleasant and calm with this crew, as they’re hopped up on Black Lace – a futuristic street drug.

We will be starting a war with Militech to get all of this done. Before the mission begins proper, ensure you meet with Stout, who is promising to fund your deal. Stout will give you a credchip, but it’s infected, causing a problem.

Before meeting with Maelstorm, attempt to crack the credchip in your inventory – this is an opportunity to wipe the infection, meaning Malestrom won’t have any qualms about accepting it. If you cannot do this, ensure you pay for the Flathead with your own money so things don’t get out of hand.

Maelstrom will see you as honest in these scenarios, but Militech will see your bargaining with Maelstrom as a threat, and they will invade immediately. Luckily Royce and the other Malestrom members will be on your side for this encounter.

If you decide to pay with the infected credchip or start combat with Maelstrom for whatever reason, then never fear, things can still work out. Maelstrom themselves won’t partner up with you for a later mission, but their former leader Brick still might.

Saving Brick From All Foods In Cyberpunk 2077

Maelstrom and Militech are probably at war right now, but you can solve another objective while you’re here. As mentioned, Royce recently overthrew Brick to lead the gang, but Brick is still alive and well, just imprisoned here in All Foods.

In the Northern corner of the warehouse on your map, Brick will be locked behind a door, left here since Royce took over. Luckily getting through the door is pretty simple – just scan the terminal to the left of the door, and use the Remote Deactivation hack option. This will quickly shut down the lock and open up the door. It’s as simple as that.

If you haven’t specced into hacking abilities, you can still get Brick out. There’s a computer in the next room with the code to get the door open – 9691.

But this doesn’t mean Brick is suddenly fine to walk out of here, he’s trapped by a laser mine. You will need to either disarm the laser mine itself, or if you return to the room where you found the door code, you will be able to also find a detonator which you can disarm. Either of these options will set Brick free.

Of course, you could also kill Brick, by detonating the mine yourself, or just leave him to wallow in his cell until the surviving Maelstrom members take pity on him. Your choice.

When Do Brick And Maelstrom Return In Cyberpunk 2077?

Depending on how you handled this quest a future quest will play out differently. In the sidequest, Second Conflict, both the main crew from Maelstrom or Brick himself will appear to V again as friends.

If you end things with Dum Dum and Royce peacefully, and they survive the Militech encounter, then they will appear during this quest, remembering the events of The Pickup.

If Dum Dum or Royce dies, or you ended things with them on negative terms, and Brick escapes the All Foods warehouse, then Brick will instead accompany you during Second Conflict. Having Brick on your side for this mission will give you more options for how to resolve it – he’s a better talker than Dum Dum or Royce.

Of course, you can potentially let all of the above characters die here, and then the Second Conflict mission will have an entirely different character accompany you, one not seen in this quest at all, and will give you far fewer dialogue options for this quest later.

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