Cyberpunk 2077 – All Cyberpsycho Locations And Strategies

In Cyberpunk 2077 you can accidentally spend a lot of time searching for and fighting Cyberpsychos. Cyberpsychos have literally gone mad from the number of implants in their system, making them more machine than human, and they will attack you, and civilians, on sight, making them extremely dangerous.

These are not regular goon enemies, instead, they are far tougher, and may require you to be cautious in order to take them down. As a general rule, when you come across a Cyberpsycho you shouldn’t engage unless the difficult level in the Journal is at “Moderate.” If they are tougher than that and you want to give it a shot, make sure to make a new save so you don’t regret throwing all of your grenades and abilities at them.

Most of the Cyberpsycho jobs will be available after the main story mission The Rescue, but some will be available later in the game, with all of them being available as of completion of the main story mission Transmission.

They will all be tough, and you will have to use everything you’ve learned up to now. If you find yourself struggling in these high-stakes combat encounters, make sure to read our full build guide so you can craft yourself a powerful protagonist. A big tip is that all Cyberpsychos can be instantly defeated using the System Reset hack.

For each Cyberpsycho, make sure to examine the local area and find relevant shards, as all Cyberpsycho missions will require you to search for some kind of evidence to conclude the quest. We’ve provided you a screenshot of the map location you need to head to for each Cyberpsycho encounter below, just head to the spot indicated by the cursor.

Letter Of The Law

This Cyberpsycho can be found near the Southern beach in Heywood, near the run-down slum huts. This Cyberpsycho has surrounded his fenced-in arena with mines, making combat exceedingly difficult if you rush in. You can sneak in to attempt to defuse some of the mines first, but Cyberpsychos are difficult to sneak around.

Jealous Hearts

This Cyberpsycho is also in Heywood, a bit more to the South than the last. On the Promenade, you’ll find this encounter, and there are two shards to find after the fight. The best way to take this psycho down is with an ambush and a bombardment from your most powerful weapon.

Discount Doc

This fight takes place next to a ripperdoc in Rancho Colorado – you’ll be able to find the specific area as the Cyberpsycho will be engaging with a guard as you arrive. This psycho will be able to tank a lot of health while controlling a mech suit. I was lucky and this psycho got stuck on a piece of geometry while trying to enter the garage – if you’re not so lucky, make sure to use cover, as hits from the mech suit will do a lot of damage.

Too Little, Too Late

This Cyberpsycho is hiding underneath a highway in Santa Domingo, and you may trigger this quest as you drive over during another mission. This Cyberpsycho uses netrunner hacks to take you down, so go in all-guns-blazing to shut her down before she can trigger her tricks.

A Dance With Death

This Cyberpsycho is just South of the Northwest bridge in Pacifica, very close to where you can find the game’s Witcher 3 easter egg. The psycho will be at the end of a pier, one of only two in this area, and the one we want is to the North. You can just run along the pier to combat the psycho, but there’s a van underneath the pier you can inspect for more details regarding this enemy.

Lex Talionis

This Cyberpsycho will not be available to fight until you have completed the Transmission main quest. Once you have, you will be able to find this psycho to the South of the last – from the pier just follow the beach South, and you’ll find the psycho near the start of the second pier. The only problem with this psycho is that they have prepared a bunch of turrets and enemies to meet you, so you can either move slowly to disable them, or hide somewhere while taking shots.

Help Is On The Way

This psycho is located underneath a highway on the South side of Watson in a building surrounded by Militech vehicles. This psycho likes disappearing with stealth camo, but you can camp in a corridor so they can only approach from one direction. This psycho can use stealth camo to disappear, but it gets disabled once they have received a certain amount of damage.

Bloody Ritual

This one takes place in Northside, just South of the shipyard here – the enemy will only show themselves at night. One of the shards you can find here requires cracking. This enemy has Mantis Blades which you will want to avoid, so keep at a distance, but don’t leave the area otherwise the psycho will disappear entirely.

Six Feet Under

This is Northernmost Cyberpsycho in Night City, you can follow the train tracks near the highway to narrow them down – the general location is Northeast of the shipyard we mentioned in Bloody Ritual. This Cyberpsycho can be taken down with stealth if you hide from them and sneak up on them.

Where The Bodies Hit The Floor

Southwest of the shipyard you’ll find this Cyberpsycho in an alley near the Totentanz from the Second Conflict sidequest. This is another psycho that you can potentially take down with a stealth attack if you have the necessary stats. This psycho moves fast and can dodge bullets, so you’ll be best equipped if you’re a melee build, or you have a powerful, high fire rate weapon.

Demons Of War

This Cyberpsycho you will likely encounter early on. On the highway, North of the Cyberpsycho in Help Is On The Way, you’ll find a section that is still under construction, and a psycho lurking near all of the building materials. This is another Cyberpsycho that you’re better off bombarding with close-range attacks.

Little China

Southeast of Watson, near the Western bridge that leads to the city centre, walk along the river to be alerted to this Cyberpsycho’s location. This psycho has Gorilla Arms, which adds a huge buff to melee damage. As a result, you should keep at a distance at all times and use your most powerful weapons.

Second Chances

To find this Cyberpsycho you will want to head way out into the Badlands – try riding all the way out to the border crossing where you will have started the game as a Nomad. This Psycho is South of the road near the edge of the map, and you’ll find a burnt out car. The psycho is hiding out on a tower nearby, and as you approach they will shoot you down. Get very close, and you’ll become aware of the mines surrounding the tower. Run to the left and hide behind rocks as you approach, pick off a few mines with your weapons, and stay here to pick them off from a mid-distance, assuming you have the weapons. As you try to climb the tower, throw a grenade up the ladder to set off the mine that’s waiting for you.

The Wasteland

This Cyberpsycho is also located deep within the Badlands. As you enter the Badlands in a vehicle, take your first right turn, and then take a left. You’ll find the psycho on this road. You’ll come across a crashed vehicle initially, and as you investigate the area with your scanner, you’ll uncover a blood trail that will lead you to this psycho. Like some other bosses that you will have met over the course of your adventure, this Cyberpsycho has a weakpoint on their back that you can pick off.

House On A Hill

This is the final Cyberpsycho located in the Badlands, and can be found just North of the main road that leads into the heart of the Badlands inside a farm. The farm is surrounded by a fence, drones, turrets, and more, so you may struggle unless you have decent hacking skills. The psycho will be found in the garage and comes packing a shotgun.

On Deaf Ears

You can find this Cyberpsycho in a car park in the City Centre, just South of the bridge from the Little China Cyberpsycho. This is another Cyberpsycho that packs a powerful shotgun, but if you keep at a distance this fight shouldn’t be too challenging – just watch out for the fact that this psycho can heal once.

Phantom Of Night City

This Cyberpsycho is to the East of the On Deaf Ears psycho, to the Northwest of Corpo Plaza, next to a Behavioural Health building. This psycho is in an alleyway and has a bunch of gang members backing them up. This psycho begins the engagement with a sword, meaning you can just hang back and take shots from a distance to rack up damage.

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