Cyberpunk 2077 – All Blade Runner References And How To Find Them

Now is probably not a good time to admit that I have not seen Blade Runner, but here we are. Cyberpunk 2077 has quickly become one of the biggest and most notorious games of the year, for better and for worse, and it has opened up a new generation of gamers to the concept of cyberpunk. Not the game, the genre. Cyberpunk has been a staple of the entertainment industry for decades, as proven by countless movies like Blade Runner, games like Deus Ex, and much more.

All cyberpunk is, inherently, a little bit iterative, and anything within the genre is keenly aware of that, which is why cyberpunk stories like to sometimes reference other cyberpunk stories. If you’ve been playing Cyberpunk 2077, and I’m sure you have, then you will have no doubt experienced a fair few bugs, and caught a handful of references. You are offered a choice between blue and red pills at least twice, after all.

With all that in mind, it should be said that Blade Runner is easily one of the most influential pieces of cyberpunk media, and Cyberpunk 2077 has a fair few references and easter eggs to pay homage to Blade Runner. If you’re a big fan of the movie, first you should explain to me why I should watch it, and then you should look through our list of Blade Runner references we spotted below, and let us know if there’s any we’ve missed.

Advocet Hotel

The abandoned Advocet Hotel lays in Vista del Rey, Heywood, near the Delamain HQ, and it’s here where you’ll find one of the more interesting nods to Blade Runner in Cyberpunk 2077.

Ride the elevator to the top floor and make your way out onto the roof terrace. Explore and you’ll find a gentleman sitting on the ground with a white dove – which you may recognise from this iconic moment. If you understand the significance behind this moment, please do let me know.


In the Blade Runner universe, replicants are artificial humans which have infiltrated the human world, and being able to tell these apart from real people is pretty important, which is why the Voight-Kampff test is used to see if the person responding is capable of passing as a human.

This same test is used in Cyberpunk 2077, during the Where Is My Mind epilogue, late into the game. If you don’t pass, you have a problem.

Syd Mead

Syd Mead is the concept artist for Blade Runner, and he also worked with Blade Runner’s director, Ridley Scott, on the equally iconic Aliens. It’s only natural that someone so influential to both the direction of this game, and the cyberpunk genre as a whole, is given a reverential nod in Cyberpunk 2077.

You can find the Columbarium in the Westbrook section of Night City, and while it’s easy to gloss over this area after visiting as part of the Happy Together quest, you should look around to spot the mentions of Syd Mead. But he’s not the only famous influence mentioned here, as the Columbarium also has nods to Conrad B. Hart of the video game Flashback, and Logan 5 of Logan’s Run fame.

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