Cotton Reboot! Is Coming West, Has Nothing To Do With Cotton

Game titles are weird things, aren’t they? Sometimes they fit, such as how the Far Cry titles are a “far cry” from being good games. Other times, you have cases like Saints Row, which features no saints and no rowboats. Point being, it’s sometimes hard to understand what a game’s about just by the title.

Such is the case with Cotton Reboot!, an upcoming remake of an adorable early ’90s shmup. The game follows Nata de Cotton (oh, wait, that explains it,) a plucky little witch who’s a bit of a temperamental brat. On a quest to land a stash of her favorite candy, Cotton blasts her way through seven stages of colorful bullet hell action.

Developed by Success and originally released in arcades by Sega, Cotton would go on to enjoy cult success in the shmup scene. Now, after years of dormancy, the game is returning to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch with an enhanced remake. This version will feature “brand new features and updated visual designs,” as well as the option to play both the original arcade version and Sharp X68000 port.

Most exciting, though? This remake will be coming westward in both physical and digital form. While the release date is still an ambiguous “Q1 2020,” it probably won’t be too far behind its January release in Japan.

Having played it a decent bit through MAME back in high school, I can attest to Cotton being an enjoyable and charming little romp if you’re into shmups. An enhanced version and physical release will be a nice chance to finally support the game legally in the West, and will hopefully help Success bring more of its classics to modern platforms. God knows I’m itching for a modern reboot of Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja

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