Control The Flow Of Spice As Portugal Or End The World In A Zombie Apocalypse In Civ 6 Update

We’re already midway through March and we’re still waiting on Firaxis to tell us what the last civilization for Civilization 6’s New Frontier Pass will be, but it looks like Steam is going to beat them to the punch.

As first spotted by Chris Davenport over on Twitter, Steam has been updated with several new achievements that seem to point at Portugal as the last civilization to arrive. According to SteamDB, two achievements make direct references to Portugal: “The spice Must Flow – Win a regular game as João III,” and “Ultramar Português – As Portugal, have a Trading Post in cities belonging to Brazil, India, and Japan.”

João III was the king of Portugal from 1521 to 1557, according to Wikipedia. During his rule, Portugal colonized what would later be called Brazil and secured a monopoly on spice trade of cloves and nutmeg thanks to military conquests that placed bases all along important trade routes.

Portugal also became the first European nation to make contact with China and Japan while under João III’s rule. An important historical figure for the world and double so for Portugal, João III is an ideal choice as a Civ 6 leader.

Also mentioned in the new achievements is a new game mode that almost certainly centers around zombies. the “Re-Animator” achievement comes after the player starts their turn with 20 Zombies under their control, while the “Well Hello Mr. Fancypants” achievement happens after destroying a Zombie unit with +50 or more Mutation Strength–whatever that is.

And last of all is the “It’s A Trap!!!” achievement, which you get for dealing 50 or more damage to a single unit on a single tile in a single turn using trap damage.

Firaxis still hasn’t confirmed any of this, of course, but Steam Achievements usually don’t lie. Expect an official announcement to come very soon.

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