Control: How To Unlock Jesse’s Cat Ears

Believe it or not, Control is filled with many outfits you can unlock to give Jesse a whole new look. And, while all of those are unique in their way, there’s a special piece of headwear in the game hidden behind a puzzle.

While exploring the Collapsed Department area in the Foundation DLC, you might have noticed a single Maneki-Neko Statue just randomly sitting in one of the bridges at the far left; that is actually the first clue that there’s a secret regarding these cat-statues.

If you find and collect the 8 Maneki-Neko statues scattered all around the new area, you’ll unlock a cat ears headband for Jesse to wear. Also, by doing so, you’ll unlock a secret trophy called “One of Us.” Keep in mind that this item is purely cosmetic, but hey, Jesse can really rock those cat ears. So before you go out there and explore every nook and cranny of the place, here is a guide to make things 100% easier for you.

There really isn’t a specific order in which you need to collect the cats’ statues; in fact, it is even possible that you find some of them just by exploring and playing the DLC.

Cat #1

To get this one, just head over to the Control Point located at the Cave Bridge. Once there, all you need to do is find the eight black blocks in the area and use Jesse’s abilities to gather them all together in the excavation site below.

There will be three already in the ground, so you only have to collect the other five; they’ll be on the upper side of the map:

  • One is next to the Control Point
  • Another is on the ledge that’s across the Control Point
  • There’s one on the side of the second cave bridge
  • You’ll find one near the tunnel that leads to the Research Site Delta
  • There’s another one inside the cavern that’s on the third cave bridge

Once you find a cube, just launch it to the excavation site. Be careful not to wander off too much as doing so will re-spawn all of the cubes, and you’ll have to gather them all over again. Now that all the cubes are together, all is left to do is to position the cubes in the squares that have paw prints on them; once you do that, the statue will appear, and you can grab it.

Cat #2

For this one, you’ll have first to complete the side mission “Pope’s Collection.” Afterward, head over to the Basement Lab in the Warehouse and look for a yellow valve that’s connected to some tubes and interact with it.

Then go over to the Warehouse groundfloor, there you’ll see a series of yellow buildings, find the one that has a shower inside it and turn it on. The cat will appear in the same room.

Cat #3

Go to the Astral Collision Control Point and look for the golden cube that is in the area. There’s also a document with more info about these statues in the same little place where the cube is, so pick it up if you want to know a bit more about these cats.

Either way, go down and pick up the golden cube and shoot it into the toilet stole that’s merging with the Astral Plane. Afterward, head over to the Control Point in the Collapsed Department and head to the Data Processing area.

Once there, go and find the toilet where you shoot the cube (it’s on the top floor, but if you get lost, remember that the bathroom is merging with the Astral Plane). Once you enter the place, you’ll see the golden cube laying in one of the big black blocks in the Astral Plane, so just grab it and, on the other side of that same black block, you’ll see a giant golden square that’s where you need to shoot the cube at. The cat statue will appear at the passage between the toilet and the astral plane.

Cat #4

For this one, go to the Collapsed Department Control Point and head to the monolith’s location and then go up. You’ll know you’re on the right path because eventually, you’ll reach a shelf located way up in the air.

From there on, things get pretty straightforward, just use Jesse’s levitation ability and go from shelve to shelve until, eventually, you reach one that has a cardboard box on it. Inside the box is the cat you’re looking for.

Cat #5

You won’t get to travel too far to get this cat as it is too in the Collapsed Department area. This time around, you’ll have to go to Data Entry and Filling area and go to the office that has a painting in the center (it’s on the base floor), destroy the office until you can get inside, and then destroy the wall where the painting was to reveal a hidden room.

Inside the hidden room, you’ll see a poster very similar to the one in the movie Shawshank Redemption; this isn’t random. Just like in that movie, there’s something behind the poster, so destroy that wall as well, and you’ll see the Maneki-Neko waiting for you.

Cat #6

To get this one, go to an elevator in the Warehouse and then go up to level six, Upper Warehouse. On your way up, you’ll see four Hiss Clusters, use melee on all four of them, one after the other. The cat will be at the top once the elevator opens.

Cat #7

Head over the Control Point located at the Astral Tower PW. Once there head to the platform that’s directly ahead of you, you’ll know it is the right one because there are four monoliths and a rectangle filled with crystals.

Shoot the crystals until you see the golden cube appear, grab the cube, and explore the area till you find another crystal formation (it kind of looks like a bridge between two black cubes). Shoot these crystals as well, and you’ll see a square where you can place the cube. Afterward, just head to the platform that’s on your right, and the cat will be there.

Cat #8

For the final cat, head over to the Cave Bridge Control Point and go to the Chasm area. This place is really dark, so you’ll have to grab one of the torches lying on the floor. Then just go through the door that’s in the place (if the door is locked, that means you haven’t completed the “Found Footage” side mission).

Anyway, just go through the door, continue walking forward (careful with the big hole on the floor). Eventually, you’ll reach a big area where you need to look for a tiny hole in the wall that’s blocked by rocks. Remove them and go inside; in the cave, you’ll find the last cat statue.

Finally, once all the cats are found, just go to the Collapsed Department area and go to the left bridge. You’ll know it’s the right one because all of the cats you collected are there. The walls in front of you will start to move to reveal Jesse’s reward for all the trouble: a pair of cat ears.

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