Compete in Pre-launch Training Demo to Win Neon Exile Steam Keys

In the next couple of months, Mythical City Games plans on releasing its virtual reality (VR) MMO Neon Exile onto Steam Early Access. Ahead of that, today the studio has announced it’ll be holding a competition later this week for players to win Steam keys, all they need to do is play a soon to be released demo.

This Wednesday, 24th July at 12 pm PST (8 pm BST), the studio will make a pre-launch training demo available via Neon Exile’s Steam page. All you need to do is complete the Vanguard training exam as quickly as possible and make it onto the top 20 leaderboard.

Mythical City Games state that the challenge: “is a physical test of speed, agility and quick thinking as players will have to climb, leap and fight in room-scale VR.” Studio CEO Jedrzej Jonasz tells VRFocus that: It’s pretty quick and shouldn’t take more than a 60-90 seconds for really experienced VR players to complete the timed section.”

The competition runs until 31st July at 12 pm (PST), and you can resubmit as many scores as you like in the time frame to ensure you’re in the top 20.

Neon Exile looks set to be Mythical City Games’ biggest VR title to date, set in a persistent open-world where you have to fight back against a robotic threat. You’re given free rein to explore the wastelands outside the city in which you live, build structures to expand territory, or reinforce the city’s defences against attacks.

The Early Access version is planned for a summer release on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Windows Mixed Reality and Valve Index headsets. Neon Exile will then be expanded periodically, with the initial release featuring the Fringe Sector, a barren wasteland on the outskirts of Neon City, where you can test primary gameplay mechanics such as climbing and leaping locomotion, weapons, combat, enemy AI and the construction system. As development continues it’ll eventually open up parts of the city itself with more RPG and mission elements. Early Access is expected to take a while, until at least mid-2020.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Neon Exile, reporting back with further updates.

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