Coca Cola Releases Pixel-Flavoured Drink "Born In The Metaverse"

Coca-Cola has unleashed a new limited-edition flavor straight from the metaverse called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte. The company describes the new product as a “pixel-flavored soda” that was born within the metaverse…whatever that means. The new flavor is currently on sale through the brand’s Creations website, but only 25,000 twin packs of the new offering are available. So, if you're eager to see what pixels taste like, don’t hesitate.

According to Coke’s website, Zero Sugar Byte brings “the flavor of pixels to life” in a soda that “transcends the digital and physical worlds”. For further clarification on what this metaverse creation may taste like, Coke’s Senior Director of Global Strategy calls It “an innovative taste inspired by the playfulness of pixels, rooted in the experiences that gaming makes possible”. If that wasn’t descriptive enough for you, Coke goes on to describe the taste as “bright, upfront…and reminiscent of powering up a game”. What does any of this mean?

Beyond the soda’s “gamer” flavor, the packaging for Byte really drives home the pixel theme. The famous Coca-Cola logo is pixelated amid the lilac-colored can. Plus, fans can scan the package of the soda to access an 8-bit AR game that will take players through the story of Byte.

To celebrate the release of this limited-edition flavor, Coke has teamed up with Fortnite to create Pixel Point. This is an island within the game designed by Coca-Cola and gaming organization PWR. By entering the island, players will discover Byte within the metaverse and get the opportunity to participate in four mini-games meant to appeal to the senses. These games include The Castle, The Escape, The Race, and The Tower and will require teamwork to progress.

Back at the beginning of April, a few countries in Latin America were treated to a limited launch of Zero Sugar Byte. Now, the flavor makes its way to North America in limited quantities. Exclusively available on the soda’s Creations website, Byte comes in twin packs of 12.5 oz cans. A retail launch in China is expected for the flavor on May 23.

This flavor is the second offering from Coke’s Creations collection. Earlier in the year, Coca-Cola Starlight was introduced to provide customers the “taste of outer space”, which was surprisingly sweet.

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