Cities; VR Brings Cities: Skylines To Virtual Reality

Cities: Skylines is coming to VR. Fast Travel Games has partnered with Paradox Interactive to bring the best citybuilder game ever made to the Oculus Quest 2 (which is now being called the Meta Quest 2).

For a look at what Cities: Skylines will look like in VR, check out the trailer below. It’s mostly a more immersive camera that lets you zone neighborhoods, construct buildings, lay traffic lanes, and sculpt landscapes using hand controls. On top of that, you can soar above your city thanks to an "expansive bird's eye view” or you can walk your city’s streets as a pedestrian.

Added features include hand controls for VR, a tutorial to get both new players and veterans used to the new controls, and tactile feedback so you know when things are slotted in place.

And just like the regular PC version of Cities: Skylines, you'll have endless control over your city's economy, services, entertainment options, and much more.

There are a few things we don't know, however. There's no word on whether or not Cities: VR will include any of the dozens of DLC that are available on the PC and console versions of Cities: Skylines. There's also no mention on whether you can transfer saved cities from other platforms to walk your city's streets in VR.

Cities: VR arrives on the Meta Quest 2 sometime in 2022.

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