Chrono Trigger: 10 Best Quotes

Taking place in multiple time periods, Chrono Trigger is a game with lots of content, considering its relatively short playtime for an RPG. The game’s lively cast of characters each have their own developed storylines that interconnect in surprising ways. The game is engaging because it intertwines each time period to create a bigger picture, with all the people coming together to defeat Lavos.

One of the most well-respected RPGs of all time, it’s unsurprising that the game gives fans lots of memorable quotes to remember and ponder, especially regarding loss and hope. Even the most insignificant NPCs in Chrono Trigger have wisdom to impart, meaning you’ll want to talk to as many as possible throughout the game.

10 "All Life Begins With Nu And Ends With Nu."

"The Mystery of Life" Book

The Nu are creatures that pop up at various points during your journey through time – found in all time periods if you count Spekkio’s Pink Nu form. Because of this, they’re very mysterious, and little is known of their origin, although this quote might hold some significance as the Nu are found both at the beginning and end of time.

One memorable Nu is the one created by Belthasar and acted as his assistant. Belthasar transferred his memories into this Nu, giving him new life. But this new life would soon come to an end, and his final moments are spent as a Nu. For Belthasar, these words are prophetic, as his rebirth really did begin and end with Nu.

9 "One Among You Will Shortly Perish."


In the Kingdom of Zeal, you encounter a mysterious child who bears a resemblance to Magus and is, in fact, his younger self. Janus, aka Magus, is capable of magical abilities, including divination, as he foretells Crono’s imminent demise.

This quote has remained memorable because it’s ambiguous enough to avoid spoiling the game, while keeping you on your toes. It’s clear that, even as a child, Magus had an intense energy about him, as he drops this quote with no context. One of the highlights of the game is traveling to the Kingdom of Zeal and meeting Magus as a child before he becomes the powerful mage you know him as.

8 "Man Or Woman, It’s All The Same. Power Is Beauty, And I'm Deliciously Strong!"


Flea is a boss that appears alongside Ozzie and Slash and was Magus’ minion before Magus’ betrayal. After Frog mistakenly refers to Flea as a woman, he corrects him and says, “I’m a GUY!”. Flea presents himself in a feminine way and cares little for gender norms, and this quote only reinforces this sentiment.

It’s great to see a character from the '90s not conform to gender boundaries, and this quote is one of the best examples of this. It shows that gender shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to power.

7 “Weapons Are Not Meant For The Taking Of Lives. They’re Meant For Saving Them.”


Melchior is also known as the Guru of Life and is a master of machinery, helping to reforge the Masamune and make weapons from the Rainbow Shell if you decide to complete that side quest. This quote, said by Melchior, perfectly summarizes the two kinds of people who use weapons.

Some people use weapons as tools for destruction, and then there are those, like the party, who use them to stop evil and save the lives of innocent people. This quote discusses the morality behind using weapons, as RPG heroes often need to use weapons in order to fight for the greater good.

6 "I Am No Different Than Lucca And The Others… I Am A Part Of All Living Things!"


The lovable robot, Robo, demonstrates that robots can have just as large a role in their respective games as the human characters, as he plays an important part in the story and cares deeply for his friends.

While not being human, he still shows emotions throughout the story and is willing to help others. For example, he volunteers to stay behind to tend Fiona’s Forest for 400 years. This quote shows that Robo refuses to be a stereotypical robot without emotion and sees himself on par with his human friends.

5 “To Bring Back Loved Ones; That’s What Everyone Wants.”


One of the most pivotal parts of the game’s story is the death of its protagonist, Crono, and while bringing him back is completely optional, this plays a large part in the story and the characters’ motivations. The party members’ reactions after his death are solemn, and the game shows how impactful this event has been on them.

After the untimely death of Crono, Gaspar shows sympathy for the party’s plight, giving them the Chrono Trigger and letting them know that there might be a way to revive their friend after all. This quote has remained poignant because of its candid portrayal of what it’s like to lose a loved one and the desperation people feel to bring them back – an emotion the characters of Chrono Trigger know all too well.

4 “Ayla Fight. Ayla No Run. Running Worse Than Losing.”


Ayla is the chief of Ioka Village, earning this title because of her impressive strength. This quote is indicative of Ayla’s strong-willed character, as she’s someone that would never surrender or run from a fight.

As the strongest person in her village, she believes it’s her duty to protect her tribe and would never take the cowardly way out. This is a quality she demonstrates during your journey across time to stop Lavos, as she’s always willing to help out in a fight, and never gives up even if the situation looks dire.

3 "But The Future Refused To Change."

Bad Ending

One of the most chilling game over sequences, this quote appears when you fail to stop Lavos, resulting in the destruction of the world. Despite all your efforts journeying across time, rescuing the Queen, fixing the Masamune, saving Ioka Village from the Reptites, just to name a few, the future remains the same.

This quote is accompanied by Lavos’ cry – a stark reminder of what’s at stake if you lose to Lavos. Images of the apocalypse show you exactly what’s to befall the world if you fail, giving you the motivation to take on Lavos once again.

2 “What's Important Is To Trust Those You Love, And Never Give Up. We Must Never Give Up Hope!”


Despite the troubles people face throughout time and the looming threat of Lavos, there’s an underlying theme of love and hope in Chrono Trigger, as you bring people together to become stronger. This quote talks about the importance of trusting those you love, and never giving up.

This applies to the party, as they grow to trust each other throughout the game, all while not giving up the hope that they’ll be able to defeat Lavos and save the world. While Lavos is a monstrous threat, the party never gives up hope that they’ll be able to succeed when the time comes.

1 "Long Have I Carried Cyrus's Hopes And Dreams, And Now I Bear The Masamune As Well! Henceforth, I Claim Them As My Own!"


The honorable knight, Glenn, served under Cyrus before ultimately being turned into a humanoid frog by Magus. After the death of Cyrus and his transformation, Glenn harbored a lot of guilt and became reclusive, hiding in the forest away from people.

Glenn joins your party and develops as a character, realizing his own strength as a hero. Wielding the Masamune and vowing to take revenge for his fallen friend, Glenn remarks that he carries Cyrus’ hopes and dreams – something he’s proud to bear. This quote represents Glenn’s heroic journey and his development as a character, coming to terms with his transformation and loss.

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