Chinatown Detective Agency: The Curious Case Of Crystal Clear Walkthrough

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  • Meet With Carl Pan
  • Arrive At The Crystal Clear Party In Bukit Timah
  • Interview Partygoers To Find Your Next Lead
  • Hack Laetitia's Email To Find Evidence Of Government Collusion

The Curious Case Of Crystal Clear takes everything you've learned from the first two Chinatown Detective Agency cases and puts them to the test. Time is of the essence this time around, so you'll need to travel quickly, research quickly, and find solutions quickly to succeed.

This case opens with a mysterious message from a potential client named Carl Pan. He does not disclose much, only that he requires you to investigate something very urgent that he cannot discuss over email. Furthermore, he asks you to meet him at Bus Stop CT14, St. Andrew's Road, Civic District, at 11:00 pm.

Meet With Carl Pan

Your first task is to meet Carl Pan at the Bus Stop in the Civic District. At this point, you likely know the drill. First, take the subway to the Civic District. Then, you'll find the icon for the Bus Stop on the left side of the screen.

Unfortunately, once you get to the Bus Stop, you'll discover that someone murdered Carl Pan. Finding a culprit and motive will become your primary objective from this point.

Arrive At The Crystal Clear Party In Bukit Timah

After some convincing, a police investigator will invite you back to the station to give a statement. After that, time will pass to the next cutscene. Luckily, Amira got a free chance to reset Carl Pan's email password when an evidence room clerk went to the bathroom.

Coincidentally, Carl Pan's email account will provide the next lead in the case. One email, in particular, is an invitation to an exclusive party in Bukit Timah. But, more importantly, this event is time-specific, starting on the same day at 19:00 (7:00 pm) and ending at 23:30 (11:30 pm). If you miss this window, you'll fail the mission and restart from the last saved point, so be punctual!

You can get to Bukit Timah through the subway map. After arriving, you'll likely have a while until the party. Use the WAIT function to speed up time to 19:00. At this point, you should be able to click on the Mansion Courtyard icon at the Marlowe Residence and enter the party.

Interview Partygoers To Find Your Next Lead

Amira will go undercover as a journalist during the party, searching for more information. Your goal is to talk to as many people as possible to learn more about Carl Pan's murder and Crystal Clear. This point is when the game introduces dialogue options in conversation.

Each person you talk to has the option to discuss either Crystal Clear or Carl Pan. It's helpful to ask about both. You'll especially learn a lot about the Crystal Clear initiative, which plays a significant role in this case. Your conversations will lead you to Sal Sim. She will reveal two crucial details: the Crystal Clear initiative will create water disparity between classes, and Carl Pan was a whistleblower that Crystal Clear found dangerous.

Your last conversation will be with Laetitia Marlowe, the CEO of Crystal Clear. She will cut your conversation short and address the partygoers. Her speech reveals that Crystal Clear is a new subscription plan to provide the upper class with nutrient-fortified water adorned with microscopic gold flecks.

After her speech, you'll get a chance to talk in-depth with Laetitia. She'll be upfront about Crystal Clear. However, when it comes to Carl Pan, Laetitia will start to get cagey. She'll deny knowing who he is and cut your interview short.

Hack Laetitia's Email To Find Evidence Of Government Collusion

After Amira's exchange with Laetitia, it will become clear that National Water and Crystal Clear are working together in a scheme that will deprive many of Singapore's people of an essential need. First, however, she'll need evidence to prove it. Unfortunately, that evidence is likely on Laetitia's computer. Luckily, Amira finds an excuse to go into Laetitia's home since all the outdoor lavatories are full.

You'll only get five minutes to hack into Laetitia's email, so it is vital to be as efficient as possible. Therefore, we recommend you head straight to her computer. Interacting with other items in her study is unnecessary.

You'll need Laetitia's password to enter her email. Luckily, there is a hint right under the text field: Asia's longest river (local name). So if you enter this exact text into a search engine, your first result should be the Yangtze River, locally known as Chang Jiang.

Once you hack into Laetitia's emails, quickly skim through the messages from Hafez Ahmed and Gerald Chen. These messages reveal that National Water and Crystal Clear are poisoning the water supply, and Laetitia Marlowe was given a heads up from Gerald Chen about Carl Pan's whistleblowing.

The case against National Water and Crystal Clear will blow wide open. In addition, this discovery will get you in contact with another recurring client, Keeran Iyer.

Furthermore, your last tutorial case will close, and the game will take you through the end of the prologue, including a mysterious bombing with the coded message:

The hand that wields the flaming sword is burned by a fire that knows no master.

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