Certain Affinity Tasked With "Further Evolving" Halo Infinite

Certain Affinity – an independent support studio responsible for helping out on some of the industry's biggest multiplayer franchises – has announced that it has been tasked with "further evolving" Halo Infinite and that it will be "deepening" its relationship with the game's developer 343 Industries. The studio hasn't announced in what way it will be helping 343, but promises that it's working on evolving the game in some "new and exciting ways."

This news comes from a statement posted to Certain Affinity's official Twitter account earlier today. In the statement, the studio explains that it's been working on the Halo series in the background for the past 15 years and feels "honored" to be working more closely with 343 Industries. With developers at 343 coming under immense pressure to start producing more content to keep Halo Infinite fans happy, it's no surprise that more outside help has been sourced.

This announcement also adds more fuel to the fire that a possible battle royale mode is currently in the works. Halo Infinite dataminers recently discovered the title for a new game mode currently in development called "Last Spartan Standing." It's not an outright confirmation that this is battle royale-related, but Certain Affinity's announcement that it will be "evolving" the game doesn't exactly do anything to dissuade these rumors.

Hopefully, Halo Infinite fans will be at least a little satiated with the upcoming release of Season 2 on May 3. The new season will bring with it new maps, new modes, and a bunch of new armor and cosmetics alongside a never-expiring Battle Pass. Whether or not Season 2 will finally introduce this long-rumored battle royale mode is yet to be seen, but at least 343 Industries is now finally getting a bit more help to make Halo Infinite a game that fans are happy with.

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