Cauterize Those Toads! Fire Mario & Fire Peach Are Coming To Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World is adding more playable doctors from the Super Mario Bros. series, as Dr. Fire Mario and Dr. Fire Peach are coming to the game tomorrow.

Dr. Mario World is a puzzle game for mobile phones that adapts the Dr. Mario formula for touchscreens, with the addition of currencies and gacha elements to keep things sleazy. The game brought in the least amount of money in its first month than all of Nintendo’s other mobile endeavors and it has been supplanted by the far more successful Mario Kart Tour, but Nintendo is still providing new content for those who are interested in killing those viruses.

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The official Dr. Mario World Twitter page has revealed that two new doctors will be putting on their white coats soon, even if they are the same as characters who are already in the game but with new outfits. The first is Dr. Fire Mario, who will presumably use his pyrokinesis to immolate the viruses within the body of his patients.

The second new character is Dr. Fire Peach, who is ready to incinerate those without health insurance. The monarchy of the Mushroom Kingdom will not abide those who cannot pay for their medical expenses.

Dr. Mario World is also receiving a lava-themed world in the same update, with a number of new fiery stages for players to complete.

Dr. Mario seemed like an obvious fit for mobile phones, more so than Super Mario Bros. or Mario Kart at least, but it has yet to capture the imagination of fans in the same way that Nintendo’s other mobile ventures have. Dr. Mario World is fun in short bursts, but it’s also competing with far more popular match-three puzzle games, and no amount of Mario characters in white coats is going to help it win the war against the likes of Candy Crush. 

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