Carmack: OC6 Talk Foreshadows Facebook Connect Announcements

Facebook Connect is right around the corner, set to begin at 10am Pacific next Wednesday.

While most of the event will be a pre-recorded presentation, one aspect will be entirely live and unscripted: John Carmack’s annual talk.

Carmack’s annual overview at Oculus Connect (now renamed Facebook Connect) is notoriously long, dense and very technical. However, last year’s talk at OC6 might hold clues for some announcements that will be made at next week’s Facebook Connect.

If you want to go back and watch all 1 hour and 32 minutes of Carmack’s OC6 talk to look for clues, feel free. If not, there were a few big topics covered that we think could hold the answers to the foreshadowing Carmack is talking about.

Perhaps the most notable (and potentially viable) feature that Carmack mentioned last year was creating a wireless version of Oculus Link. Carmack said at OC6 that Facebook “would eventually like [Oculus Link] to work on Wi-Fi.” Currently, Oculus Link allows Quest users with a VR-ready PC to play PC VR content on their headset while they remain tethered to the PC using a USB C cord. A version of Oculus Link that runs wirelessly over a user’s local network would be a huge announcement.

Carmack also mentioned improvements to casting on Oculus Quest (around the 43 minute mark) and creating better virtual meetings that enable collaboration and remote work set-ups (47 minute mark). These are just a few of the big topics mentioned — the foreshadowing in question could be referencing something much less obvious. We’ll have to wait and see.

What announcements do you think Carmack foreshadowed in his OC6 talk? Let us know in the comments.

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