Call Of Duty: Warzone Players Have Discovered An Exploit That Spawns Unlimited Juggernaut Suits

In Call of Duty: Warzone, one juggernaut roaming the map is enough to intimidate, especially since it costs a hefty amount of ammo to take them down. However, YouTuber Cable711 has managed to find a way to amplify those fears with a new glitch that lets you spawn an unlimited number of suits.

With the subway easter egg and the juggernaut killstreak slotted in your inventory, you can pull this off. Call in the suit but, rather than throwing it, when your weapon drops, swap the killstreak out and then throw the grenade down.

Pulling off the subway easter egg isn’t too tough – it starts off by having you venture into the city hall (G6) and taking an immediate right to the bank desk where you can enter the code ‘2179’ onto a keypad. When the room is flooded with gas, you want to jump to the computer behind the keypad and complete a randomized picture/number puzzle to get a four-digit code.

The keypad will be cut up to show parts of the numbers split into two halves. You simply have to enter the four-digit code by inputting the top half of each number and bottom into their respective lines. You’ll get a ‘Subway Override Authorized’ message meaning that you can take a trip down to the subway in D4, all the way to the train platform. Here, a computer terminal will await. Head out to the arriving train, enjoy a fade-to-black, and you’ll net yourself a juggernaut suit.

Maybe this glitch will get patched out in time for the first season of Warzone and Cold War on December 16/12. For now, it’s still operational, meaning that you can get a few juggernaut suits out and march into the battle royale arena armored enough to take on a few slugs.

Cable711 was able to get 14 canisters in a mere few minutes using this exploit and, already, other players are finding ways to streamline the process, so unless the glitch is patched out soon, it’s about to get a whole lot more accessible to pull off.

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