Call of Duty Warzone Is Getting Subways

More clues appeared in Call of Duty: Warzone over the weekend suggesting that Verdansk is about to get its very own subway network.

One of the keys to a successful battle royale game appears to be the ability to tease that something big is on the horizon. Not just every now and again, but constantly. Epic has this down to a fine art via Fortnite, and Infinity Ward has been attempting to follow suit in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Season five is currently underway in Modern Warfare and Warzone. It ushered in the opening of Verdansk’s stadium, and the addition of a train working its way around the map. Both of those elements were rumored throughout season four due to leaks, data mines, and pure speculation. Season six begins at the end of September, and the educated guesses as to what new element it will bring have already begun.

The latest clue pointing to a major change to the Warzone map was spotted this past weekend. During the latest Call of Duty League, players watching on noticed something that wasn’t there before when admiring a bird’s eye view of Verdansk. In fact, not only was the new POI not there before, it technically isn’t there right now. A building that has not yet manifested on the map in the playable version of Verdansk.

The building appears to be a subway station, adding fuel to the already existing rumors that Warzone is about to get its very own network of subway stations and tunnels. This follows on from a map that was leaked back in July of this year showing a network of subway stations supposedly being added to the game. The position of this mysterious new building lines up perfectly with one of the stations on this map.

As for other speculation regarding the future of Warzone, players are still waiting for that nuke to hit. The tease of a nuclear strike coming to the game has been going on for months, the latest of which happened during an in-game reveal event for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Speaking of which, that strike will likely happen when Warzone becomes a BR accompaniment to the new CoD game and moves away from MW.

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