Call of Duty Mobile Controller Support with PS4, Xbox? Can you use a controller on iOS, Android?

The new Android and iOS title had a rocky launch , with players having issues connecting to the game.

Eventually the issues logging in to Call of Duty Mobile were resolved, but fans noticed a major change to the game.

Controller Support for PS4 and Xbox One was removed.

In response to being quizzed on Controller Support, Activision Support said: “Hello there, thank you for contacting Spec Ops support.

“Unfortunately, this is no longer supported after the most recent update

“I would be nice than happy to help. Thank you.”

One fan simply replied: “Time to delete, if no controller.”

Another fumed: “Will controllers ever be supported again? Or should I just delete the app and not waste my time lol.”

No reason for the removal has been given, and it is not yet known if it temporary measure or not.

What is certain is that it is currently not possible to use a controller on iOS or Android for the Call of Duty Mobile game.

Fans are now hoping Controller Support will come back, while one Twitter user pointed out: “I don’t get the people wanting controller support for a mobile game, like, its a mobile game.

“Its meant…. to be mobile. Not to hook up a giant controller to play on a tiny screen looking like the biggest idiot while playing that in the public.”

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Controller support with PS4 would be pretty easy using BlueTooth.

However, it is still unclear if controllers will be back anytime soon, if at all.

One of the reasons for its removal could have been the advantage it has over people not using controllers.

If they did bring them back, there is a possibility Tencent and Activision will look at limiting matchmaking.

That means only gamers will controllers could play each other, to make it more fair.

Daily Star Online has reached out to Activision for comment.

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