Call Of Duty 2019 is just called Modern Warfare claim rumours

Insiders are convinced this year’s Call Of Duty is a Modern Warfare game, but apparently it’s a reboot rather than a sequel.

A new Modern Warfare has been rumoured for so long it’s hard to say where the educated guesses end and the genuine leaks begin, but the idea that the game is called just ‘Modern Warfare’ has now been suggested by numerous sources, including Kotaku’s Jason Schreier and Eurogamer.

Although everyone agrees that the game is called Modern Warfare, and that it is completely new (i.e. not a remaster or remake) there’s no other information, just the implication that it’s a reboot and doesn’t follow on directly from 2011’s Modern Warfare 3.

The real mystery though is why Activision hasn’t announced the game yet, as they usually do well before E3. Although they do have a press conference scheduled for that week, even though Activision doesn’t have a stand at the show.

There’s recently been rumours of turmoil behind the scenes at Call Of Duty’s three separate studios but mostly connected with next year’s game, which is alleged to be Black Ops 5.

This year’s game has seen surprisingly few substantial leaks, although Rob Bowling’s photos of him with a Modern Warfare T-shirt, with the number rubbed off the end, now makes much more sense in the context of these new rumours.

Quite why the new game needs to be a reboot, given most of the main characters are either disposable or dead, is unclear but it could be an excuse to bring back Ghost, who it’s rumoured is the main protagonist of the new game.

Until we get an official annoucement we won’t know for sure but whether that will happen before E3 is unclear. A good bet though would be during Microsoft’s pre-E3 media briefing on Saturday, 9 June.

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