Brigador Is Free To Grab On GOG Until Christmas

GOG kickstarted its winter sale by offering up Prison Architect for free, but it’s not stopping there. The number of titles up for grabs might not be the extensive list of 15 that Epic Games has on offer, but freebies are freebies. Up until Christmas, you can nab Brigador, a mech action game from Stellar Jockeys, to add to your library permanently at no cost.

It’s an isometric, top-down shooter all about fighting mech pilots. Perhaps having it up for free is a way to keep the momentum going until the sequel comes around, although it was delayed due to COVID-19. The sequel is dubbed ‘Brigador Killers’ and currently does not have a release date.

Not only that but if Cyberpunk 2077 is giving you a headache with all of its bugs and problems, then Brigador might be the free title that scratches that cyberpunk itch for now, given that it also embraces the genre in all its neon glory.

Beyond that, there are sales on over 3,000 games on GOG right now, with Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair: Digital Deluxe Edition currently at 60% off, whilst Witcher 3 is up for grabs at 70% off. However, if you’d rather have these in your Steam library, the Winter Sale has just started over there.

Brigador isn’t just an isometric, tactical mech-shooter that has you playing a mercenary pilot gunning down everything in your path just to find a way off-world, but it’s also a rogue-lite, and who doesn’t love those? It has a fruitful modding community and plenty of fans, so it’s worth checking out at the very least because it’s clearly left its hooks in enough people to warrant a second glance.

There’s also the GOG free games collection that you can check out at any time if you want to try and avoid spending cash this festive season, with titles such as Hello Neighbor (albeit, it’s Alpha Version), available completely free of charge, or POSTAL: Classic and Uncut. There’s even Shadow Warrior Classic there for the taking.

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