Breath Of The Wild: Where To Find All Zora Stone Monuments

The open world in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is giant and full of unique things to discover. There are lots of landmarks in Hyrule, including the Zora Stone Monuments, which are small landmarks that are exclusive to the area surrounding Zora's Domain.

You can encounter a quest in Zora's Domain to track down all of the Zora Stone Monuments, and it's difficult if you don't know the exact location of each one. The following locations include every Zora Stone Monument in Breath Of The Wild and how to travel to all of them.

What Can You Do At The Zora Stone Monuments?

You need to discover every Zora Stone Monument to complete a side quest. You receive this quest from Jiahto at Zora's Domain. Jiahto resides next to a monument underneath the Throne Room area of the city. You have to interact with each of the ten unique Stone Monuments throughout the nearby area to finish the mission. There are also a few lines of text to read at each monument.

Once you interact with every monument, you can talk to Jiahto once more to receive a reward. The reward is a Diamond. If you interact with any of the Zora Stone Monuments before speaking with Jiahto, then they still count towards the completion of this side mission.

Every Zora Stone Monument Location

Here are all ten monument locations.

Monument One

The first Zora Monument you can encounter is north of the Vah Ruta Divine Beast, on a small cliff. This is an easy monument to spot because it's on the dangerous path that you have to walk to get to Zora's Domain for the first time.

Monument Two

The second Zora Monument is next to a bridge, to the north-by-northwest direction from Vah Ruta.

Monument Three

You can encounter the third monument in Zora's Domain near the water. If you need a reference point to spot it, then you should search from the Great Zora Bridge for a good view.

Monument Four

This Zora Monument is easy to find because it rests at the bottom of a waterfall. The waterfall you need to find is south of Luto's Crossing, so you don't need to travel far from this location to encounter the monument.

Monument Five

The fifth Zora Monument is another easy monument to find because it's directly northwest of Vah Ruta's mountainous location. It isn't hard to spot this monument because it's in an area with few objects.

Monument Six

The sixth Zora Monument is west of Rutala Dam, and it's easy to see if you're at a high location. You may need to climb to get to this monument, depending on your starting point.

Monument Seven

This Zora Monument sits on the right side of Ruto Lake. You can glide to the seventh monument from Vah Ruta.

Monument Eight

You can ride up two waterfalls to the southeast of Zora's Domain and glide back down to a cliff below to encounter the eighth Zora Monument.

Monument Nine

The second to last Zora Monument is north of Ruto Mountain, so you can get there by walking or gliding.

Monument Ten

To the west of Ploymus Mountain, you can find the final Zora Monument near a cliff.

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