Breath of the Wild: The Noble Pursuit Recipe (And Everything Else You Need To Know About It)

Out of 120 Shrines in Breath of the Wild, exactly 42 are tied to Shrine Quests which often play out like extended puzzles – ostensibly replacing proper Shrines with Blessings that give Link a Spirit Orb just for completing the Shrine Quest. In most cases, these Shrines are completely out of sight and only appear whenever their Shrine Quest is completed, but there are some notable Shrines NPCs lock Link out of for one reason or another.

Located deep within the Gerudo Desert, the Misae Suma Shrine is being guarded by an exhausted Gerudo desperate for Noble Pursuit: a refreshing Gerudo drink. Before Link can so much as step foot inside of the Misae Suma Shrine, he needs to go back to Gerudo Town, get his hands on the best Noble Pursuit ever, and help Pokki regain the strength to get the heck away from the Shrine.

Noble Pursuit

Before Link can get his hands on Noble Pursuit, he needs to actually interact with Pokki and find the Misae Suma Shrine first. Misae Suma Shrine can be found in southeast Gerudo Desert. The fastest way to get to Misae Suma Shrine is to glide towards it from the Wasteland Tower right by where Vah Naboris is stationed after completing the Divine Beast.

Keep in mind that because Pokki is leaning on the Sheikah Slate panel, Link will need to manually travel to Misae Suma Shrine to finish the Shrine Quest properly (meaning: don’t expect to warp to this part of Gerudo Desert until after The Perfect Drink is finished). Pokki will mention the Noble Pursuit offhand, unable to move herself.

Now head to Gerudo Town (ideally by warping to Daqo Chisay Shrine). Link can speak to Furosa inside The Noble Canteen – Gerudo Town’s local bar – to inquire about Noble Pursuit. While she does have the ingredients to make Noble Pursuit, Furosa needs fresh ice to actually make the drink.

The Perfect Drink

In order to make Noble Pursuit for Pokki, Furosa directs Link north towards the Gerudo Icehouse. There, he’ll be able to speak with Anche and grab a fresh block of ice to bring back to Furosa. Along the way to the Icehouse, players will pass through old Gerudo Ruins flooded with enemies. Make sure to kill any Lizalfos in the general vicinity since Link will need to physically carry the ice past enemies. Also worth keeping one mind is that this portion of the side quest can only be completed during the day.

Once Link speaks with Anche and grabs some ice, he needs to escort it back to the ruins’ entrance without it melting. Players need to keep to the shade whenever possible while also avoiding any and all confrontation with enemies. Getting the ice to the ruins isn’t particularly challenging otherwise. Link will naturally walk faster than most enemies and there’s more than enough shade to hide from the sun in.

Furosa will be waiting at the entrance of the ruins where she’ll take the ice from Link and bring it back to Gerudo Town herself. Link now has to go back to Misae Suma Shrine and let Pokki know that her Noble Pursuit is ready. Just hearing the name of the drink is enough to cure her exhaustion and send her running back home to Gerudo Town.

Misae Suma Shrine

Now that Pokki’s run off in pursuit of Noble Pursuit, Link can finally enter Misae Suma Shrine. Place the Sheikah Slate into its pedestal and unlock the Shrine for Fast Travel. Misae Suma Shrine features no Shrine puzzle, with The Perfect Drink fulfilling that role beforehand.

The Shrine’s treasure is a single Diamond in a chest up ahead and Link simply needs to speak to the monk to receive a Spirit Orb. With Misae Suma Shrine and The Perfect Drink complete, players can cross another Shrine Quest off their list.

Noble Pursuit Recipe

Despite being 117 years old, Link is still too underage to actually order Noble Pursuit at Furosa’s bar. As a result, it’s impossible to actually know what goes into the drink – in Breath of the Wild, that is. Age of Calamity actually features Noble Pursuit as a recipe that players can make before every battle. The drink is made with:

  • 3 Voltfruit
  • 3 Hydromelon
  • 3 Palm Fruit
  • 3 Rock Salt

The distinct lack of traditional alcohol in the recipe seems to suggest that Noble Pursuit is made with fermented fruit – likely a mix of the Voltfruit, Hydromelon, and Palm Fruit together with Rock Salt splashed in for added flavor.

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