Breath Of The Wild Players Are Still Pulling Off Some Of The Most Absurd Stunts In Video Games

Seriously, some of these Breath of the Wild trick-shots are getting out of hand.

Fall damage and drowning account for a nauseating percentage of my deaths in BOTW. I’m not that bad, I just have a hard time translating the stamina wheel into swimming or climbing distance. I’m also too prideful to glide to safety once I’ve committed to a climb. There was no glider in Free Solo. 

Some BOTW players have a slightly different in-game experience. For a handful of veterans, mastery of the game has produced some truly absurd trick-shots.

Whether toying with the game’s physics to fly across the map, sniping stalkoblins from 300m away, or using galaxy-brained combat moves to embarrass enemies, BOTW’s best players have been showing off their moves since the game’s release—and new, jaw-dropping trick-shots are uploaded to Reddit and Twitter daily.

In a recent video shared on the Zelda subreddit by u/Faith_ssb, well-timed stasis is used to kill a Yiga Clan member. “Was this overkill? Yes. Was it worth it? YES,” reads the caption. Other users are still trying to piece together what exactly it is that they just watched.

In the existing BOTW trick-shot canon, this move isn’t even wholly original. One of the most popular posts on r/BOTW features a similar Yiga-themed trick-shot. As demonstrated by the comments under u/Faith_ssb’s video, there’s one Yiga trick-shot that—over a year later—is still worth talking about.

Watching a guardian somersault through the air or flattening a Yiga Clan member with a boulder is hilarious, but practical-use trick-shots have their place too. They demonstrate creative ways to traverse Hyrule that both casual players and speedrunners can use. In another recent video posted to Reddit, u/Faith_ssb shared their first successful “wind bomb”— a move that was popularized earlier this year.

For some, the pure artistry and inventiveness of some trick-shots are inspiring. For others, trick-shots are a harrowing reminder of just how far you are from the top. Both responses are correct. It’s the emotional range that matters.

BOTW is amazing for a lot of reasons, but some of the community’s best moments have trick-shot artists to thank. Hopefully, BOTW 2 brings more of the same. 

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