Breath Of The Wild Fans Might Have Found Where Link’s New Hand Comes From

Breath of the Wild fans think that they've figured out where Link's new hand comes from.

Yesterday, Nintendo hit us with the news that Breath of the Wild 2 has been delayed out of 2022 into Spring 2023. Alongside that news, it shared an incredibly brief look at some new footage, which showed Link pulling out a broken Master Sword.

Although the broken Master Sword has garnered the most attention from that new clip, a close-up shot of Link's hand shows it in more detail than ever before and has caused some members of the community to theorize that it could be Ganondorf's hand, which we previously saw in the game's reveal trailer.

A comparison image from Redditor MarcsterS shows that Link's hand looks nearly identical to a shot in the reveal trailer of Ganondorf's hand, complete with the same rings and decaying colour. We've not seen Link's arm up close until yesterday's footage, but that short new clip makes it seem as if they're one and the same.

The two hands being the same has caused some theories on what Breath of the Wild 2 might actually be about. Although some thought that the Link shown in the trailer was actually a younger Ganondorf, it seems more likely that Link and Zelda's encounter with him has caused Ganondorf to start infecting Link's body and trying to take over, which would go some way to explaining why his arm is suddenly decaying and why his body suddenly has tattoos all over it.

Although having Ganondorf take over Link would make for an interesting plot point, other fans have also pointed out that the glowing hand that seems to be holding Ganondorf captive in the initial reveal trailer also has long fingernails and a similar pattern on his hands to this version of Link. It's interesting that both the spirit looking after Ganondorf and Ganondorf himself have the same hands, which means that it could either be Ganondorf or the spirit taking over Link's body.

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